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Wait just a goddamn second, how the fuck did her human father impregnate a mermaid?
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like every other fish. she laid eggs and he cummed on them
Survival instincts to impregnate, he might have been drowning and the mermaid found him, made copulation when they arrived shore while he's unconscious, then fertilized her eggs. Or magic, turning herself into a human for a short time, then leaving.
some mermaids have vagiana

Other animes like Love Live only hire girls that can't sing very well.

Isn't this strange since Love Live primary selling point are the songs?

Macross primary selling point are mechas. And still they manage to hire people that can sing very well.
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>Isn't this strange since Love Live primary selling point are the songs?
Thanks for good laugh.
the only macross song i like is the ranka insert in macross frontier wings of goodbye


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Who would be a better businessman?
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Saitama can balance a household budget, so him.
Savvy financial sense does not always translate into being a good businessman, as Devil is a Part-Timer showed.
No businessman is going to take some neon-haired fuck serious.

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What the fuk is this?
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Kishi not even trying glad he got Kisame's sword dropping this dumb shit
it's a cool dude, op

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/a/ meets Beato
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this show would actually be good if it was just old men violating little girls.
Fuck off, creep

Does anyone know if this tweet about this being an ACTAS episode said anything about next episode before it was deleted?

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This is a female dwarf (Tomo). What do you think of her?
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>human proportions
>human proportions
>no human in frame for reference
w-well played baka
She's brown though.

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Greatest love story ever told.
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>This could've been the Ilya route
It's not fair.
Sakura a shit, Saber best girl.
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Good thing she got one eventually

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Which anime character is most likely to become a school shooter?
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this faggot was basically inspired by Elliot Rodgers

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Would you anon?
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Totally Yes!
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I want to repopulate the world with her, if that's what you're asking.

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The Summer of Love scenes were awesome and I would love to see an entire movie done in that style, perhaps with breather moments, but definitely with that stylized infoporn flashing up on the screen every few moments.

>"The acid jazz module is malfunctioning!"
>They left in the chest scene in its entirety
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has glory days popped up yet? I really wanna hear that song

Did they change the story much?

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So since the rewatch schedules are generally decided months ahead, what anime are we watching along with Toradora this December? Last year we did OreImo, GochiUsa, and a few others.
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Definitely want to watch Eureka seveN again as well. Trying to come up with some others I want to rewatch for Christmas because I have too much backlogged stuff like Clannad and Hajime no Ippo I finally want to get around to.
Houkago no Pleiades

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You have FIVE SECONDS to name a more perfect boy.
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Shinji Ikari

can't. He's pretty much the perfect shounen protagonist.

90% of other anime has shitty beta males or bishounen faggots.
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images (48).jpg
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>"It can't be helped."
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What cant ? Tell more
File: It CAN be helped.jpg (150KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
It CAN be helped.jpg
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File: IMG_1892.jpg (25KB, 240x240px)Image search: [Google]
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>"Pardon the intrusion!"

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Shiina was the best sakurasou

prove me wrong
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She deserved to be in a better show
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A sensible man!

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So Madarame has been fucking the trap on the side?
And he wants to repeat the feat while his wife is on the hospital bed after giving birth to their kid?
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I dropped this manga over 10 years ago when I ran out of localized volumes that my local library had in their database.
How is it still going?
Are they still in college at this point?
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Genshiken ended some time ago.

OP's image is from spotted flower, other work of the same mangaka. That said, it's pretty shit.

... Now I want to re-read genshiken 1

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