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>Main character is not even partially Japanese

Why is this so rare in anime?
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Because most anime play in Japan.
because anime is made by xenophobes
Same why they give murder tier jail time for drugs. It's how they survived as a culture.

So you're telling me this guy can disintegrate anyone and anything he wanted to just by seeing them or it, has some kind of eye power that gives him x-ray vision, can revive himself and others at the cost of feeling 150 times the pain (it doesnt even phase him, but whatever and this is the only power that he has an actual drawback to), can become a advance nuke from anywhere in the world just by having some kind of satellite view (with zero drawbacks at fucking all)

I havent read the manga or the light novel or anything, but is there ANYONE else in that world that actually has anywhere near the same power he does?
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>is there ANYONE else in that world that actually has anywhere near the same power he does?
His sister has effectively the same power because he does anything she says.
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He's the best. Just the best
His sister needs to get him to fuck her, marry her, and raise their kids together and live a fucking happy life until they grow old an-Wait can Onii-sama even die?

What the fuck is his problem??
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Stuck in kino
breaking your egg
who cares it was empty all along

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What are we expecting/hoping from the next season (this October)? I'm hoping for lots of books.
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More Kaoru. More LMBG.
I want to see this strip animated.

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/a/, can you help settle a debate between me and a friend? What's the best female led shounen: Kill la Kill, or Gunslinger Girl?
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>Gunslinger Girl
you (two're) not very bright, huh?
Soul Eater.
This >>161120944, now leave.

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Discuss the upcoming Nagi no Asukara season 2 and post Miuna being happy.
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>Miuna Monday
How is this still a thing?
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Why would it ever stop?

There was not a single thing this man was wrong about.
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If you do evil out of a hatred for evil, that rage and hate will merely birth new conflict!
>he hissed the entire point of the grail dream sequence

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Characters that did everything wrong.
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>anime secondaries
She's even worse on the manga. Tf are you saying?

I start
>a German
>probably Latino
>probably Indian
>a fish
>one Asian from Japan
>the rest are Americans
>Black and White are Irish

your turn
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Nobody cares about your diversity meme. Go back to /co/
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Brazilian, Russian, Japanese, Half-African, American, Swedish, French, Austrian, Raccoon and upcoming fish

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>Umaru and Kirie have LITERALLY the same face on the new poster

Defend this, Umaru fans
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Rei also have same face with Rei.
What does the R stand for? Rodent?
No, they don't what are you talking about?

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God,. they could have used any of these realistic love dolls, why on Earth did they choose to give her arms made of wood, why no face?
Asked this about 40 times but does she actually survive in the Vita VN?
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I wasn't prepared for the movie lads

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>ITT if every board would have a anime what would they be?

I'll start going for the most obvious, /g/ anime would be New Game!
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If there was a ps3 board the anime would be called No Game
You came all the way from /v/ just to make that joke?
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So is he supposed to be good or evil?
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Lawful Evil sliding towards True neutral in the end.
It... makes sense.
Have you considered reading the show's English subtitle? As in the title of the show itself.

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a lot of tsukasas.png
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Show me your power level /a/.
How many styles can you recognize from the top of your head without cheating.
mark/post results

Let's see who can guess them all
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I recognize 3 of them
lucky star one
nichijou one
4chan ban girl one
naruto one
haruhi one
yugioh kaiba one
eureka seven one

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I am at episode 14 when does this get good?
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When you start enjoying it.
I was enjoying it while it was similar to first arc of Kingdom, but it is full of supernatural shit and adventures of retarded prince now. I just want Balsa to become MC again.
>I was enjoying it
Then why not structure your question properly instead?

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