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Why did he do it
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He was more concerned with remaining a State Alchemist than a decent human being. For that, the fucker deserves only shame.
Results are what matters, not muh morality. This is why China is so successful.

A commie fag junkie hellhole where the pollution and garbage pile up. Where there's pedophilia worse that Japan's by far. Yeah, China is a real paradise. Moa can eat a freight train of dicks in hell.

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Black General.jpg
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>a manga I really like gets an anime adaptation
>but only 10 3 minute shorts
>and the animation is pretty simplified
>Oh, and it's only available through a smartphone app that looks like it's giving my phone 80 kinds of malware
but to really salt the wound

Jesus christ, this is some next-level monkey's paw bullshit. No wonder nobody's bothered to get these before now. But thanks to an exploit in the poorly programmed app, I didn't have to pay a cent for these.

So here you go, enjoy some shit

Also, as far as I know, these episodes aren't anywhere else on the internet at all. So should I upload these somewhere other than mega in the likely event the link gets taken down?
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I don't think I've ever seen such a bootleg anime. Did the author just sit behind his toaster and make a powerpoit of this, then upload it onto some shady chink smartphone app and call it an adaption?
You're doing God's work no matter the shit quality Japan dumped on us.
I am incredibly sad but the manga is still wonderful.

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Is Ishtar the face of Fate memes going too far?
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no, that's nobu or gudako
Did Taka do that? He's beginning to slip if so.
I don't get why Rin, a girl who is established as being fiercely independent and self-loving would let herself be used as a meat bag by some literally who dead prostitute

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Is it going to be a deconstruction of the monster genre?
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Polygon uses every animation to experiment with something new.
I guess the animation aspect Polygon is working on now is explosions.
Those are some nice explosions.

And explain where things went wrong.

Starting with a prime example.
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shit first girl with shit grating seiyuu pushed by shitty director
best girls not given routes at all
being a general downgrade and cheap low effort amagami clone in general without using what made it good
we could have gotten a proper omnibus anime but got stuck with this shit
The first arc ruined it.

Tsuneki is a shit.
The study-camp plot was boring.
They didn't even get together.

I got more enjoyment seeing the pre-orders collapse.
It wasn't a game.

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Who's the most annoying lesbian in anime?
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All of them.
All of them

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Man it was a good show but had a really stupid theme.
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Season 2 when

I want Mogami arc animated

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in your opinion

was re zero a masterpiece?
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Love it or hate it, but you cannot deny the impact it has had on the industry.
What the fuck impact?
It was the first anime since code geass where I gave a fuck about the protagonist.

Plot holes? Where?
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we don't get it.png
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People still care about this?
Ware wa kashikoi

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Anime dance thread?
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no thanks
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brown baka.webm
2MB, 720x404px

What do you think of Yukino?
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Extremely cute.
yukinoshita is better

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Who can stop them?
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Shaft already did.
Shaft is fucking dead in the water. When was the last time they actually did anything?

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What's your choice?
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Marry Megumin
Fuck nympho
Kill Aqua.

Only correct order
Marry Megumin
Fuck Aqua everyday
Kill Darkness after torturing her for 50 years.
KIll Megumeme
>Marry Aqua (eternal life with your waifu)
>Fuck Darkness because it would be the equivalent of marrying her.

Characters in anime that men will never understand
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>men will never understand
She was written by a man
He was advised on writing the characters by a woman.

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ame ame ame
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facebook meme
Why did this anime get so popular with mainstream Western fans? I thought they hated moe and slice of life.

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