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>There are people on this board who think Astolfo is the best looking trap out there
What a bunch of fags with unrefined taste
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He's not the best looking but he is the best all-rounder.
Witch beatrice was a woman

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> Male character is shorter than his childhood friend / oneesan
> Gets bullied by her

Anyone else love this?
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No. Jesus Christ, what a sissy faggot. Someone take him to the gym.

>that haircut
What is semen demon from

These feelings are as foreign to me as being a female since I'm 6'2"

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What are some MC that are reliable, well-adjusted, productive members of society?

Pic related:
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>not a rapist
>literal pedoneet

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So today Volume 12 gets the official release date, according to tome random anon.
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Date was already announced yesterday, check gagaga website.
Makes sense the sun comes out in the east after all.
Whats the date tho
September 20

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Now that a decade of dust has settled, what does /a/ think of TTGL?
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not so good
Cringey and infantile shit but people will defend it because it taught them to fap to hentai when they were 12
I wish this shit was out when i was 12.

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Why do we have to get everything as 8-bit/10-bit and have file sizes increased when the whole point of x265(h265) was to reduce the file size and hence reduce the time taken to download?

I really don't fucking get it, and the worst part is when we need to run this shit on devices that don't do 10-bit in hardware, it either defaults to software or just runs very badly.

Why the fuck should anyone need to use specialist hardware for watching anime? Can anyone justify this crap?

What's wrong with plain old x265 + aac or x264 + aac? The number of people who lose out because of this is far more than the people who have the hardware to watch the 10-bit shit.

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>3rd worlders
>still thinks some outdated geopolitical terms apply in 2017
Okay oldtimer. I'm in Western Europe and I don't like unnecessarily upgrading perfectly-working 2012 hardware just because some edgy shit wants a snowflake decoding technique.
what doesn't run 10 bit?

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Bring back Flying Witch
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I'll get right on that, sir.
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witch is passed out drunk, try again later

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Kirino is the best girl.
Kanakana Meru meru is the second best girl.
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Kirino is the miracle of the universe.
Kuroneko was robbed.
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Don't be ridiculous. Kuroneko is the prettiest and best girl

I'll catch you... Kira.
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I heard the manga creators liked the movie.
That must mean it's good right? Maybe we get a redrawn version with correct races in the future.
They arent allowed to say it's shit before it comes out
Remember when the ghost in the shell creator said the same thing for the live action movie?

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> Mc is casually called virgin, cherry boy, or something similar by one or more of the females around him.

For what purpose? Doesn't this usually just alienate the target audience?
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It makes the audience relate to the MC more.
Its stupid because most of the girls that do this are also virgins, so what are they so smug about again?
The industry increasingly hates otaku since 2008 so they make fun of them while those idiots still give them money.

I doubt the validity of this statement.

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The manga jumped the shark after Pic related happened. The manga was about Nishikata working his way up to ask Takagi out before it devolved into a "tease of the month" manga
It didn't jump the shark, but it certainly lost impact after the 100th tease or so. Same shit, different page.

Still cute regardless.
I hope the anime adapts the chapters so that it feels more like a natural progression. That chapter could wrap up the season.

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ITT: Badly describe an anime
We had this thread a while ago, it was fun

I'll start:
1. Pirates literally steal a whole city
2. Like 80% of characters (including MC) are named after cars
3. Powerpuff girls for adults
4. A documentary about sweets and snacks
5. MC is so cool he'll turn you gay.
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1. Luluco
4. Dagashi Kashi

Easy one, four middle school girls and one is a rapist.
Repost from yesterday since not all were answered

1. Nameless girl likes the MC despite being a tsundere. Also, the main girl's mom wants the MC to do something.
2. Best girl transfers to a new school to escape losing, she leads her new school to victory.
3. A guy just can't stop losing.
4. A girl is part of a love triangle, then at some point one of the show's villains transfers to the MC's school. Someone gets pregnant, and finally, the show's OP singer retired.
5. A guy puts on a pair of lenses set in a frame resting on the nose and ears, so that events will not turn out badly. He also stays in a vehicle that traverses the seas, for quite a long time.
6. Side character gets a real-world literal funeral as a gimmick, the gimmick doesn't work, the show still flops.
7. A group of childhood friends play Pokemon, then years later they get together again.
8. A girl falls in love with her uncle. She loses to his childhood friend.
9. A girl has to pee, and other cute girls are killed.
10. A girl shows her panties to the MC, meanwhile at some point the MC gets in trouble, and he and his friends are blacklisted by the entertainment industry.
11. A guy and a girl experiment with a kitchen appliance, also the girl experiments on a "girl" and is shocked by her discovery.

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>gets told that his future will be shit and he can't save everyone
>tries to do so anyway and follows this shitty path

I will never fucking understand.
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Bro he's a tard just let it be.
He's dumb. That's the whole point.
Shirou's "ideals" are a joke and Nasu's philosophy is retarded.

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This is your sempai for tonight
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Why does almost every Mami fanart portray her as a fatty?
Hell yeah, accept it gladly.
Only if they're witches, then Mami will show them what it means to be a magical girl.

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