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What are some scenes from anime that legitimately made you feel dirty or uncomfortable?

Pic related is one such scene for me. The show had been raunchy up to that point, but this crossed a line that suddenly made the tone much darker and more serious, along with making me legitimately feel disgusted by a character.
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Grow thicker skin, faggot.
I hit that pause button more often than I can remember when a cringe scene hits.

I know there are many fuckers here who do the same. Don't even lie.
Excuse me, Mr. brooding badass, most people feel empathy towards other individuals, be they real or fictional, which is the main basis for transferring information to a viewer through a visual medium.
No, I dont, I FFWD

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ITT: post only 10/10 characters.

Actual 10/10s, not just your waifu.
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>Actual 10/10s, not just your waifu
>posts his 8/10 waifu

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WTF did I just watch?
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Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart
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say hello like a normal human
they said hello in weird-ass ways in steins;gate as well and it was just as stupid
yahallo girl who will not win along with yukino

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The first chapter of Minus Ondo No Serenade and Yankee Shota to Otaku Oneesan have been translated.
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It was an interesting episode this time.
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>They fucked it up the scene

What a waste.
When will they sex?
It was pretty obvious that they would cut that scene.

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How do we solve the elvish problem /a/?
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>>161191663 That's a human though?
Genetically engineer superior space catgirls to fight them for you
by raping them all

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Come on. She's only been trying to kill you.
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>She's only been trying to kill you.
That's how tsundere are.
emilia a worst
You are going to be killed by a crazy woman some day.

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Is it true that Bleach gets better if you skip all the fillers, /a/?
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It gets better the more you skip.
Bleach gets better if you skip the entire thing
Skip the fillers, watch up to Aizen's defeat, if you're not hooked stop watching there.

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Why do people hate Kirito, but love MCs like Onii-sama? You'd think Kirito could at least get some love ironically.
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They do like him, his anime is a success
I ironically hate SAO, I've never seen an episode though.
>You'd think Kirito could at least get some love
Do you have any idea how well it sells?

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are you a pervert, anon?
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Not at all and people here post girls that aren't wearing enough clothes
Oh yeah.

Girls around here are wearing too much clothes.

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*Crack crack*
*Crack crack*

Meliodas… Could he be going wild!?
That's unlike the rampages we've seen until nos.
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This is the end…!! For you… and for me too…!!!
That Meliodas… he's in the "assault mode" that even the Ten Commandments fear when he was leading them!!


"Perfect Cube"
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That must be the result of him desperately releasing his demon power to the utmost to destroy Merascylla's magic…
He shouldn't have bet on that when his emotions have been taken away… that idiot.

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This is… Merascylla?

Hah hah, I guess she's crying uncle!!

Merascylla is a poisonous snake that had lived 300 years bathing in the strong miasma of the Demon realm to acquire the power…
Meliodas told me that…


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Tamako Market was shit, but did the movie save this series?
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Tamako Market was great, as was the movie.Truly an underrated gem.
It was a shit romance movie, it basically does every single bad cliche and things you can do wrong with romance in 90 minutes.
10/10 movie from KyoAni

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/a/, share that scene. That scene you rewatch again and again, until 5 in the morning, the one that means more to you than any other.
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I don't derive deep meaning from foreign nip cartoons. Get help, dude.
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Damn Titans!.jpg
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Titans or AEUG?
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Earth Federation all the way. Fuck Spacenoids.
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Ones that fall.
>Fuck Spacenoids.
Kill yourself.

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