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kaguya dance.gif
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What happened /a/? I thought you guys like Kaguya?
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I like Kaguya before reddit invaded the threads. Now it's too cool for me.
The past couple of threads have been pretty nice, none of that over reacting crap.
We had one thread after Jag left us and then the translations ceased

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How do you feel about SUPER SAIYAN CHAD?
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Extremely hyped, no bullshit hair color
Holy shit. That Aura looks fucking sick
How many transformation does super needs?
How about some new techniques?

This is you waitress for tonight. Please refrain from giving her headpats at risk of your limbs falling off.

How do you like your curry /a/?
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>Dragon of Death
>Acts moe as fuck

I love her
She really is best girl. Can't believe they took so long to introduce her.
Food taste better if you hungry enough.

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Why is this shit even allowed?
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She likes yuri
I thought she liked Shirabe?
From the thumbnail I thought this was a 420 blaze it thread, sorry.

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or more like Dr. Iron
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Professor Pyrite

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Featuring demon legs.
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>Mangaka tries to use science in his manga
>Mangaka doesn't understand science

Why is this so common?
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Same in every form of media
Science is hard, especially for creative types. And yet, there is a compulsion to make your work more realistic by referring to science.
What's wrong with the Schrodinger's explanation in Phantoms World?

Mediocre mangas carried by waifus.
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Is this the most popular anime of the year?
The "waifus" in that are irrelevant. If anything it is being carried by fujos an husbandos
Practically any harem
I know you're taking the piss with your OP but I'm genuinely curious how many are actually like this

>this in the middle is a japanese 15 year old boy
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He's half Mexican, Mexicans are the tallest people on the oplanet
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The boy on the bottom left is 27 years old
Only according to the documents he bought from the people smugglers

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Are they acceptable?
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>they still bounce
>firm yet not solid granite
I think it was a pretty well job.

The one thing that does bother me is how an 1X old girl was able to get them done. I doubt her parents gave permission or tagged along.
damn didnt knew Mami could get even huger
No and Fuck that drill silicunt

More Mai's Himes when?
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Coming soon, in 20018.
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more otomes when

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Korean scans out.

Kouhai and cat chapter
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No chapter last week?
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Publish all your incorrect opinions here.
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I want dragonfags to leave.
Berserk is good
Everything popular is trash.

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We all love short hairs, but what is the ideal type of short hair?
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Anywhere from just below the ears to just above the shoulders is perfect.

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Would you have survived? Also, what was your favorite game?
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duck duck goose
There were no good games in this mess. The tag would have been easy if any of the participants had the idea to sneak on horse face, lift him and throw him over the edge.
But the absolute worst was the wolf and sheep bullcrap, aka "haha everyone dies except one, how convenient for the plot".
And goddamnit making the slut suddenly have sex with the pathetic manchild.
> lift him and throw him over the edge
dunno about that seems far-fetched to me
> the absolute worst was the wolf and sheep bullcrap
I'll give you that plotwise it was indeed very convenient. Then again I enjoyed that story path and thought that was emotionnally heavy
> making the slut have sex with the pathetic manchild
Yeaj what the fuck was that? Anyway, it gave me a huuuuuge boner.

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