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How did /a/ react to this mans heroic actions?
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we were impressed
He's unaware how incompetent he is, and it's beautiful
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It's all happening so fast

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fuck, I actually fell for it.
would you fuck off

mods please ban this guy for at least a day

How much fanservice do you like in SoL/CGDCTs series?
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either pedal to the metal every scene or extremely rare but great when it happens like a special treat.
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A lot

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Let's have an anime webm thread
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Anti-bully Ranger.webm
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Lovebirds ~.webm
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Who in your opinion is the best tsundere of all time?
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Best hottest tsundere.
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Who else but Shana?

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If your waifu is on this list, I have some bad news for you
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My daughter Kokona is NOT a slut.
>Honk that high
They're still salty about her VA's AV huh
how else is she going to afford those hiking gears?

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What's Benten's deal? Does she love Yasaburo and if she does, why is she fucking other men left and right?
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It's a mystery. Nobody knows what's going on in her head.
She never wanted the power. She didn't ask for it. But she can't really just give it up and go back to being an ordinary human either. Not after everything she had seen and experienced.
Does she love Yasaburo? I think not. She does like him a lot though. He's probably the only one she could really talk to. Or at least she felt that she could talk to him. So she usually gets disappointed when Yasaburo started acting like a servant.
So why did she do this and that? I think even she didn't know. I guess she's just bored. She could easily get anything, except the things she wanted. Because she didn't know what she wants. Just a lonely woman trying to feel alive.

She's just a fucking mess of a person.

As it is, I don't think she likes Yasaburo in that way, she just wants to be liked by him and to tease him and shit.
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I'm fairly certain she loves Yasaburo since he's really the first one to give her any mind at all as a person and not some fling. That being said, I do agree. She's a complete fucking mess in the head, and I legitimately feel sorry for her because she seems so realistic as a personality and as a person who just can't seem to find her place in the world.

>He pretend to like this show because he thinks it makes him appear intelligent
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>he posts stale bait on /a/ in 2017
You don't seem to understand.
A shame, you seemed an honest man.

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talk talk talk
think think think
there better be something coming out of this
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Tomo when? No, seriously.
Does Misuzu feel like she's failing Carol in that last panel?
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carol puff.png
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TFW you can't get laid because you're a literal unfeeling sociopath

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Is Akira the best manga of all time?

Looking at best of lists always containing stuff like Naruto and Bleach seems pretty retarded
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I think so, honestly definitely in my top 5.
Definitely up there
I like Nausicaa and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou more.

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finished marathonig evangelion. first time watch.
anon asked me to post my impressions. also evangelion thread I guess.

I started at 5 pm and finished at ~4:30 am.
I had a dinner and my ass hurts
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ep01 how is this fag supposed to pilot (fight) the thing without training? if the father knew about the son predisposition, why he waited the very last moment before introducing him to the project? ok they hate eachother but it looks like he (the father) does not care really
ep02 i don't like time skips i always think that i skipped an ep. btw shinji you are a fag. i can't stand this 80's humor and star explosions? really? if the mech can go berserker shinji is just a placeholder to make the mech move and fight?
ep03 you arrogant fucker why did you have to say yes i want to punch you. best shinji is zombie shinji. omg stop screaming i know you are japanese but this is just cringy why are you crying now
ep04 he totally had a boner when in the theater. ENTER THE FUCKING CAR ALREADY
ep05 "ayanami's boobs..." nice. "ayanami's thighs" yeah go on.. "ayanami's... calves!" eh? hahaha he's face when he looks at rei and his father. how is it that shinji ruins every good moment in this show?
ep06 fucking shinji how dare you making her smile
ep07 typical of americans, stuffing nuclear shit in dangerous places
ep08 why did they have to set that flag at the end of the episode. asuka you are bitch but your tits were worth the hassle
ep09 it's not rape if she's sleeping. also thanks for the tits
ep10 now i get the fat asuka meme
ep11 fucking asuka always messing with best girl
ep12 isn't fish still meat?
ep13 i've been on this chair for 6 hours, 13 more episodes. hopefully more tits incoming. i had the feeling i was watching filler episodes from ep 5 till ep 13
ep14 oh no not a recap episode. hey this show is better without shinji always talking and whining. ah. what the fuck shinji why are you always ruining everything gtfo from rei's eva
ep15 will they fuck for fun too? asuka is a bitch but nobody deserves a shinji
ep16 oh finally a good episode. rei slap that bitch you can do it
ep17 blushing rei a treasure to mankind
ep18 how is that every project not related with japanese people fails miserably?
ep19 ah shinji being a bitch, whining, leaving everyone and finally coming back. not big surprise
ep21 is rei immortal?
ep22 the bitch slapped best girl
ep23 ah she destroyed best girl factory
ep24 am i gay if i fall for male-rei?
ep25 this is actually the very first eva episode ever i watched. it was a mistake
now I can just go to sleep. don't even care if this is archived in 5 minutes

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because it only has like 3-4 chapters and it took an ass long time to update to even that much

So fucking what? A boxing tomboy is relevant to everyone on /a/'s interests.
Some guy made a thread here like 36 to 48 hours ago with translations, with the goal of generating interest so a group could pick it up.

So we did, you simply weren't listening.

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This is the best To Love-ru
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Criminally underrated
>i think i love giving blowjobs
Best or bestest?
Tomboy and Gal

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I am going to translate Ch 95 because it is pretty good and I also got nothing to do.
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Oh shit, last time i read this it was still on chapter 40 something

Opps, forgot translation. This is my first time translating though, so don't expect a good one.

> It's perfect
> "Let's get closer to Tadano-kun Date Plan" through Ice skating.
> It's perfect...
> It's perfect...!!
> Stop smiling. It's disgusting.

> Ch. 95. It's Ice Skating

This chapter is pretty good. It is about NTR

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GPS spell tracking and targeting come fucking on
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>you will never burn a dragon to death with a magnifying glass

That shit was brutal
I want her to sit on my face

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