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How about a Kimi ni Todoke thread?
I liked it
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Well I didnt so....fuck off?
Next volume is the last one. The gang just graduated high school. I wonder if we'll get a timeskip or not.
i liked it too
cliched but fun

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Who is the best element and why does the anime director hate her?
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Sister Element is best Element.
Doesn't look like Takao.
Oppai is the best element.

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Let's settle this once and for all. Which is the patrician taste, girls who looks like boys or boys who look like girls?
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For who? Straights? Gays? Men? Women? This question can have multiple correct answers depending on who's asking.
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Boy reincarnated into a loli.
they're both pretty great

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Was this the worst asspull in manga history?

Could anything top it?
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not even the worst in its own series
None of these are asspulls.
And you can simply let this repeat thread die, you fuck weasel. Or just read it off the archive.
>Oh, Cell just blew up.
>Oh no! he came back! and conveniently in a even stronger form than before!

Even as a child I thought this was stupid.

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Please describe Syaro without using the letter P.
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Lucky to have a friend like Chiya!

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This movie was a rollercoaster of emotions and the loss of innocence. It was truly a rich story that can only be portrayed through the artistic style and choices in animation. It definitely was worth the theatrical watch.
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I watched the movie, and who would've thought anime could have a message this simple, yet so meaningful? So artistic yet bold?

This is the kind of anime the industry needs right now, not the usual crap TV offers.
>waah le ebil americans with their nukes
No thanks senpai
It was really heartbreaking to see Suzu burst into anger and tears over the emperor's surrender broadcast, openly acting like a Japanese patriot especially way after mistakenly being accused of espionage. It really goes to show that the innocent are not mindless as to follow their country's orders to the last breath, but rather that they can't accept their own losses as being utterly meaningless after years of war and suffering. Even the scene where Keiko cries over her daughter's name in reaction to the surrender was just heart-wretching.

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What's she holding /a/?
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a jelly donut
About 3 Terabytes of porn
Disk 2 of Doom

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Saya did nothing wrong.
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I'm not making Saya happy so that's one thing wrong.
She turned a fat old guy mentally retarded and got raped for it.

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>new character gets introduced in the 4th-6th episode and fucks up the chemistry of the group
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Name 13 shows where that happens
I'll wait
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>plot isn't going anywhere so the author introduces a new character(s)
GJ-bu off the top of my head. That green haired chick definitely ruined the group chemistry.

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There are people who find this hairstyle attractive
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Ridiculously attractive. Also why is she so pale there?
They're called "heterosexual males"
People who don't aren't people.

Is Mikoto dumb?
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A Level 5 esper is usually someone hella smart.
Yes and no. She's a drooling retard with a negative IQ when the situation has anything to do with Touma or magic. This wouldn't matter if a) she wasn't obsessed with being close to Touma and b) magic wasn't a big part of Touma's life. But because both those things are true, she'll just continue to embarass herself. However, when it comes to esper powers, real science, and electronics and machinery, she's a genius. Maybr not the biggest genius in the city but you wouldn't find me complaining if she was around and I needed some hacking done or wanted to have a conversation about physics.
She's incredibly intelligent but is only in middle school and lacks real world experience and maturity

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Why the best dragon didn't appear in the anime?
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She doesn't add anything to the character dynamic except antagonism until recently. And her character design is hideous.
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Cool's ambition isn't safe for TV audiences.
I can't believe they gang raped him on the water slide.

Hey, it's that time again, time for another wacky thread involving them hooligans at the weird battle high school.
Make sure to bump the thread of you are reading it occasionally, now's let's begin.
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Skipping the second page, just a blank white page as usual.
Chapter listing

>Subbed: Thursday, October 5 at 7:00 PM local time
>Dubbed: Sunday, October 8 at 12:55 PM local time

Plan to go watch it on Oct 5th with a friend.
Who else plans to go?

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>2 hours of Lolibait + Gary Stu infodumps and asspulls
Yeah no.
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What do you have against lolibait, anon?
Is this in Northern California, mostly around Modesto region?

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>Fate: My only desire is to rape and break Saber
>UBW: Saber who? I just want to genocide humanity
>HF: The grail is going out of control? Better kill Sakura so she doesn't kill innocent people
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It's not rape if I have the feeling that she should want it.
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Hello /v/

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