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If Dio can stop time, then isn't he technically moving at infinite speed? How come everything he touches in stopped time doesn't explode from the infinite amount of kinetic energy he's exerting onto it?
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Because he doesn't move at infinite speeds, he stops time.
Because time is stopped, so he doesn't tansfer that energy.
But if he stops time, then how does he move?

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This manga is so boring. I'm not invested in any of these characters.
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stop reading, then.
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this guy gets it. theres like a bajillion manga out there. find one you enjoy
Nice blogpost

is this how girls treat each other in Japan?
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me on the left
Nice glasses, nerd.

Mio is such a bitch, she's retarded and hits Ritsu for whatever soft joke, she can't even recognize when Ritsu is struggling with her feelings.


That "hontou" is supposed to be cute but it triggers me so fucking muchcccccccc

Why in the world would someone want to be friends with Mio? (besides sex)
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Oh shit bro that reminds me I want to have sex with Mio!!!
How different would the movie be if ton-chan chose dubai instead of London?

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Why arent you reading Stravaganza anon? Its an amazing fantasy story with deep character development leading into yuri
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Lack of newly translated chapters. Also, MONTHS past since last chapter.
Okay I am reading the first chapter.
Will share my thoughts in a bit.
because it ended and it sucked. the battle for middle earth with all the races was kind of cool tho

Leave saving starving japanese animators to us.
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Buy a banner.
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>They've only just released the 2nd part for LWA.
Shut up, you're two million in debts and Disney left you

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How much do ya think it would change if the cast got rule 63'd?
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It would lose most of its audience which consists of pedos who lust after ebin explosions memegirl.
they would be replaced by a different kind of pedo who lust after ebin explosions memeshota
Threads wouldn't be plagued with discussions about Aqua's ebin nopan and would be much better.

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You may only pick one of these gals.
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Left to right
>Used goods
>Used goods
>Used goods and a pedophile
>Used goods
Id rather choose something timeless
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>meme waifu

Why is this selling so little? Don't fujoshit care about sport anime anymore?
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If it was homos dancing with each other, it'd sell. As it stands, it's just forced hetshit with slightly better than average animation.
I wonder if them getting a new time-slot every week (if the show gets to air at all) has anything to do with it.
Why would fujoshi care for this shit?

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What girl would be the most satisfying to beat up?
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Erza scarlet

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what would it take for a nep season 2 to happen?
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there's finally another good nep doujin up, by a good artist (tachibana yuu). what a time to be alive. too bad it isn't about vanilla/happy love making
Just play the games, they shit out 2 of them every year.

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What did she mean by this?
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She meant she'll give it to you if you get on all fours and lick her foot like a dog. It's not hard to understand.
I'm not quite sure what you mean by this post.
Raphi-chan is best GabDrop!

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They are lovers
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Umi is so cute
Yes, anon, she is.

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Enough talk about

>muh strongest servant

Who is the weakest/most uselles servant?
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Rider is the least weakest.
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Literal zero competition
Angry Manjew

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Why do nips smoke so much?
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Why do Americans drink so much?
who the fuck gets through life sober
Coolness factor.

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