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havent watch newest episode yet. is best girl in it? otherwise there is no reason to watch
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I want to shoot semen onto that star.
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Yes, she is
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I didnt say trash girl

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did this scene happen too early?
>At the end Rei says "I don't know what to do," and Shinji says, "I think you should smile," and Rei smiles. ... Afterwards, when I thought about it, I cursed. In short, if she and Shinji completely "communicated" there, then isn't she over with? At that moment, Rei, for me, was finished.

>When she smiled, she was already finished, this character.
-Hideaki Anno
Or should Rei's character have developed beyond her doll state more? Or not?
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But anon there were a few cute Rei moments in the anime, like the mother comment
Maybe from the narrative perspective. She didnt play a big role from episode 7 to 22.
Rei is the only character that dont seen to be becoming worse with the time.

But i guess it happened the right time so there is no conflict with asuka. Eva is way too close as a harem as it is.
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I apologize in advance for shit upload speed.

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I feel bad for never even having heard of this.
The manga is cute, the show brings a new definition to powerpoint.
Also I recommend you download the mega link. I think I fucked up the torrent.

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So it really is a sensei ch.

What kind of job do you think she'll have in the future?

Flipping burgers?
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Prostitution desu
If Trump could get into office then so can Yoshiko.
Cult leader.

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How is it that no seinen or shounen has been able to surpass this arc?
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chimera ant
Learn meaning of buzzwords before you start using them, faggot.
The fuck are you on about?


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Front page of the magazine claims that this is "the climax" again. I don't know what they're trying to play at.

Volume 18 is to be released on September 7th. It should contain chapters 153-161. Chapter 161 is the one with the big spread of Hanayama's hand smooshing Musashi's face so, if you liked that, that'll be the volume for you.

Chapter 169: Admiration
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>Narrator: It's because he was born as one of 'the strong'.
>N: From the moment of birth, he had STRENGTH.
>N: What more than this would he need?
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>N: He shouldn't want for "more than this".
>H: Even though he is strong, he shouldn't train.
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>N: He thinks that training, especially for 'the strong', is a sign of cowardice.
>N: Would a lion train...?

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>Anime starts off with some stupid quote
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Pitter patter
>Game start out with Judgement spell and set a meme trend throughout rest of the series.
the rain starts to drop.

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Wake up as Nono's girlfriend, what do?
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rape play with nono
Self terminate.
Sudoku myself

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This manga is so boring. Why /a/ hype it so much.
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You faggots can't even contain your hate in a single thread. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously when you can't even use basic search?


Fuck off.
Watched an episode of it and its just crap, it really is a generic shounen.
Fairy Tail is generic shonen but at least the anime is worth more than one episode

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1. A guy wets himself, then later on he meets succubi, a tomboy, a stupid girl, a masochist, and a best girl (also, name all characters mentioned).
2. A girl's dad killed someone, but that someone's boyfriend falls in love with the girl anyway.
3. Big-breasted childhood friend dies after being eaten by a monster.
4. A girl decides to start up a drama club; cute things ensue.
5. A guy has a harem consisting of at least seven girls.
6. A retirement ruined the chances of a season 3.
7. A retirement ruined the chances of a remake; relevant since a new novel is coming out.
8. Bassist ruined everything.
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Its not a new novel, just a short story
Be specific
That sound like the most confused anime ever.

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Season 3 is around the corner, and you better believe it. The only question is how far that corner is from us.

Here is one of my favorite scenes from the anime thus far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wINa_YZj-kg&ab_channel=FUNimation
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Holo is best girl and deserves a happily ever after with Lawrence
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OP, I love spice and wolf just as much as any other guy here, possibly more, but for the love of Christ stop making these threads every hour of everyday. If we constantly have a spice and Wolf thread it will be disregarded as shitposting, as opposed to having a comfy one about once a week.
Tl;dr too much of a good thing quickly turns into a bad thing.
I would shoot myself for a 3rd season.

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You know what you need? Your daily dose!
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This is the only reason I come to these threads. I don't even know why, it just makes me happy.

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Carol will literally never recover
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Misuzu is certainly not impressed
Is he saying he's gay or something, I'm starting to get bored of this manga
Looks like she's feeling identified or that she just realized about something with her other couple problem. Maybe she'll realize about Jun not wanting to lose a friend

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