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Since when and in what way is getting together with bland MC-kun denser than neutron star considered "winning" for a girl?
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its been 5 years and nanamifags are still providing me with salty tears. thanks for your service
Dont know
Nobody cares if the girl wins.

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When you are 80 years old, wrapped in a blanket and comfy in your rocking chair by an open fire, surrounded by your great-grandchildren; you can tell the spellbound youngsters about the time you saw Gohan transform into Super Saiyan 2 for the first time, and then save the universe from Cell.

The fire crackles as the children gasp in awe. Snow begins to fall outside the window and your tale comes to end, but the youngsters are thirsty for more 'Tell us about the time he was even stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku Grandpapa!' one child begs. 'No, no! The time he fought evenly with Super Saiyan Blue Goku!" implores another. The oldest boy pipes up 'Be quiet you two. Grandad tells those ones all the time. Go on, tell us the one you promised us last time - the tournament of power...Grandad...G-Grandad?'.

The rocking chair creaks to a halt. A serene expression on your face and the final fight between Gohan and Jiren flash before your eyes in your final moments as the children embraces you. The transformation into Mystic God. The final Kamehameha that saved U7 from erasure. They know what is happening. They are scared, but calm.

The last thing you hear as you slide into the black warmth of death is the youngest boy - old beyond his years, a Gohan fanatic. 'Don't be sad. He lived a hell of a life. In the age of Gohan.'
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do you expect me to read that
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Jiren - BEGONE THOT.webm
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Reminder that Jiren is beautiful

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A friendly reminder.
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Tanpop & Co. were the best.
I know
I'm watching it and it's bretty gud.

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Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
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>Festival starts
>Marleyans are looking at sky because of the Fireworks
>Suddenly this appears
Grim Reminder for chapter 100
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Fixed it
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Megumin is for ___.
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Mikasa is tired anon, would you let her crawl into bed with you?

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Judas Priest
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Florence and the Machine
The Prodigy

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What will 1-A do for field trips throughout the school years?
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Some retarded hero shit instead of having fun
By year 3 we're probably going to get some international heroes, so maybe a trip a USA hero school. Or beach trip, I'd be cool with either.
Beach episode is a MUST.

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Y'all hype for the new movie?
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Subs when?
Not til December.
Too early for hype.

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Vegeta still jobbing?

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Post your favorite anime eyes
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The new Wixoss anime is now for 2018, delayed confirmed.

Also, an OVA is bundled for december.

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That sucks. Wixoss was one of my the Fall shows I was most excited for.
>forever waiting
I do hope this delay improves the quality though.
How did Lostorage compare to the first series? I stopped watching airing anime around that time.

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This is Mordred, prince of Britain and Arthur's son.
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Why was she doing that?
That cat sick rolling at the end.

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Gaiden subplot confirmed >>160774968
What do you expect that Boruto and the others will do?
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Thanks for ruining the thread with the first post, my man.
Take your pick. It was either that, or that faggot with his forced memes.
Can we have just one thread discussing the show and not fucking shipping?

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Monkey soup made with the best specimens of the abyss
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thats it.jpg
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I can't believe Riko just fucking dies.
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Nice try faggot
nice doujin tier art

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