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Do you find him to be an acceptable antagonist?
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He was a boring guy in the beginning then turn into the most likeable antagonist ever. likeable as in "OH MAN EVERY TIME I SEE HIM I CANT STOP LAUGHING"
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No chapter this week nigga
:re is trash and if you deny it you are a delusional faggot

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Would you summon Astolfo then ignore the holy grail war to do SOL stuff?
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Even if you ignored it, other masters would still come to kill you/him
If I summoned Astolfo I would order him to kill himself and then try to summon someone else.
i can just leave the city

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I want Sunshine season 2 to draw Maru with huge boobs more. Maybe it's her generally modest clothing, but she didn't have many titty monster scenes, and that is fucking bullshit
>yfw Aqours learned all the dance moves to the 6 new songs they performed at the first live in 3 days

don't lewd zura she's pure

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New novel comes out today.
Previous thread
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Best boy
>Mizuiro knew about the Royal Realm
OK, something is clearly up with this guy, this is even weirder than him knowing that Shunsui was Captain of Squad 8. He knows things no normal human should be able to know.

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What is your opinion of tomboy characters in anime and manga?
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they are best and should always win
Reminder that all 'tomboy' characters would be indoctrinated during college into believing they're trans.

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Re:creator thread

Time has come to listen to the crying of their puppet souls!
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My soul is crying because of the stupid seiyuu special.
Alice will live.
My soul is crying because of the level of cancer the threads reached.

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Shabadoobie touch to sing along
Parappa rapping you a perfect gift
Ring a bell ever so gently
Boom boom I love pretty idles

Hey open up a prism shop and I bet you'll do very good
Just gimme what's inside this wonderful roll now
Otherwise, I'm gonna make up coord on the spot
I wonder how many songs can you sing
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Ako is in love with Kirara
What is this OP
Current ending of nee-san retooled for our use

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Being an idol is best left to beautiful cakes instead of little girls.
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>not liking cute girls of all ages
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I love cute girls of all kinds. Especially when they don't act their age.

PLEASE look after your imoutos.
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>yfw no aho imouto
They grow up eventually.
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>translating nii chan as nii chan

Can he even walk down the road without soaking everyone's panties?
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People watch this?
Based mc
ironically with friends

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How right was Cui in the end? Do you agree with her?

Its obvious she is and you should.
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Love is a two way street anon
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But that's obvious?
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Will Aoko's boobs get animated some day?
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It's already been done.
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When nasu gets tired of milking the saberclone cow, finishes the tsukihime remake, get a tsukihime anime made, and make a fate/stay night remake that gets released on steam.
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Can I get an Aoko clone with black hair one day?

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>- Threads in /a/ should be primarily based on anime/manga discussion. Consider using either >>>/e/, >>>/y/, >>>/c/, >>>/h/ or >>>/cm/ for image sharing threads
So sadpanda threads are allowed again?
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Only if you discuss the explicit content
So what did I miss? Why the new sticky and what happened?

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You either accept /ag/ or embrace generals as a legit part of /a/

There is no third option
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we can always go back to the way we were before generals. That's the third option.

I love for the board to represent a stream of consciousness
Just fucking ban Dragon Ball.

HxHfags, OnePiecefags and Snkfags have proved to be much better than those subhumans
You can never go back.

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It was depressing as fuck to read for the first 20-30 or so chapters but it's got charm and draw to it that I've not found in other manga since I've finished reading it.
>Pick it up thanks to the art style, thinking it'll be a comedic read
>Actually end up getting wet eyes while reading it all the way through
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Read the other FKMT
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It deals with difficult issues that aren't often explored in manga and is genuinely heartwarming at times because of Fukumoto's writing style

It's the only manga that's ever made me cry, that's how you make bittersweet endings

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