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Come and join! For tonight we are gonna see drama, suffering and chiseled butts.

>What is Houseki No Kuni?
A Manga from author Haruko Ichikawa. 28 genderless Gem People are the only habitants of the land in the far future, and they must defend themselves from the mysterious attackers that come from the Moon to capture them. Phos, the protagonist, is completely useless. Adamant, their leader, asks him to make an encyclopedia which kicks a series events that make him start to discover whats going on with the world they are living in.

What we saw so far:
>Phos gets chosen to make an encyclopedia. He meets Cinnabar, who wants to fucking die, and decides to find a job for him.
>Phos befriends an Admirabilis, Ventricosus. Admirabilis are used as slaves by the Moon People. Ventricosus tells Phos about the Humans and their myth of creation. She tries to sell Phos to the Moon People and he loses their legs, but they sort things out and she gives him agate legs.
>Phos new legs makes him super fast. Adamant Sensei sends him with the Amethyst twins to see if he learns how to fight. Phos gets too scared to even call for help during battle.
>Due to feeling bad about it, Phos cannot hibernate like the other gems during winter. He is paired up with Antarciticte to defend the sleeping gems from attackers, and loses his arms to the talking ice floes. When he gets an alloy replacement, Moon People attack and take away Antarc.
>Phos gets temporarily partnered up with Bortz since he is now strong. A double sunspot anomaly appears, and from there a giant Moon People who attacks the gems, but they manage to defeat him. Phos realizes the giant was related to Sensei in some way and decides to learn about it by directly trying to talk with the Moon People.

For more info:
For more info (Previous volumes)
-Volume 1: >>160572958
-Volume 2: >>160590998
-Volume 3: >>160657589
-Volume 4: >>160696839
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warning: at the start this dump will go extra slow
i reccomend doing other stuff and keeping an eye until i pick up the pace

feel free to bump
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Don't mind me just posting best legs now that they finally have a CG render
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Macross Delta movie announced.

Wonder will they fix the problem of the show.
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Will she still be a literally who?
At this point their only hope is selling more Walkure albums and concerts. Anime is just advertisement.

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This man did nothing wrong
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I like Mikoto
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He didn't do anything right.
Is that mam a boypussy?

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Cheese-chan is the cutest.

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Season 2 villain announced.
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When are these two going to get married?
whos this supposed to be? white fox?

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Reiner is an asshole
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Endgame right here, brothers.
He had all the right to do it though.
She vented on him, he vented on her.
And Annie a whore.

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idle (male).webm
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Jumpin' Jumpin' my soul!!
Jumpin' Jumpin' It's starting!

More Dancin' Dancin' boys and
Dancin' Dancin' girls
Out into the paradise!
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How was Kirakira and Exaid?
Boys can be great when they're not just shipping bait.

KinPri 2 BD when?

ITT good tsundere
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Every tsundere posted below this post.
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What will she do now that she has finally made the Linker?
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"accidentally" ruin everything.
Go away, hopefully
Nothing, same as always.

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Superior Translations out
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Superior? That trad is most probably worse than mangastream's. UK already translated the chapter too.

And why rename the filename of the OP "mangastream"?
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>that elementary school-tier broken English
>superior translation
>he prefers niggerstream translation

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To all anons who made it this far, heaven is nigh.
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Oh boy i sure want to stick my dick up that montenegro
>Trigger animator Yoneyama Mai replied to Bokujoukun's tweet with "Looking forward to it!"

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Mai Natsume Reference.jpg
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I would like to request Mai Natsume lying in bed just after waking up in the morning. Something similar to:
Mai sleeps in shorts and a tanktop with her hair down: http://i.imgur.com/2qBzl48.jpg

Another suggestion is Mai in a race queen outfit such as:

Or perhaps Mai with her arms behind her head tying her hair in a ponytail:

Other ideas would also be appreciated.
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Something like this http://www.imgur.com/a/axwT0 with Rias please.

Or anything from this album http://www.imgur.com/a/XVFna with Rias and I.
kisekae: http://www.imgur.com/WPTE1Ck

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Summer stuff especially, like watching fireworks or sitting under an umbrella at the beach. Thanks and have a nice day.
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Hinagiku reference 5.2.jpg
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Good evening, /a/!

Requesting my waifu smacking me upside the head and calling me an idiot, and/or hugging me tightly while still calling me an idiot, but a bit more gently. Could have gotten myself hurt last night.

Alternately, a nice picture of Hinagiku relaxing on a couch, perhaps reading a book or taking a sip from a mug, would be great.

And for something mildly lewd, I'd love to see my beloved wearing a silk dress, a sweater, or a tank top that clings to and accentuates her feminine curves. Bonus points if it looks like it should be loose yet still manages to do the job. Some examples: http://imgur.com/a/dljOG

Seeing her opening the bedroom curtains for those first rays of morning sunshine would also be nice, wearing a cute babydoll, lingerie, or even nude is fine.

I'm always open to other cute and/or lewd things as well, and an adult version (age 25-27 ish) of my waifu is always welcome. Here's my SI reference if required: http://imgur.com/a/n1K1V
Please and thank you as always!

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Precure thread
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Nice picture.
I hope to become a drawfag one day so I can draw precure forever.
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If Yotsuyu started spouting I Am A Rock lyrics, when will Rai start rapping about bitches and hoes with Doggystyle?
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Jojolion is all over the place.
Reminds me of Part4 in that regard.

The worst thing about it is that it's lacking a main antagonist.

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