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Lin Lin Hospital.png
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Murata streaming yet again. Lin Lin recovering.
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I think the poor girl has PTSD or something.
Chapter is 34 pages long.

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>someone is nice to you regardless of your ugly personality
>therefore you should hate them

Was this the peak of anime?
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Sounds pretty stupid
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>why is she being nice to others and not only me
>I hate girls now

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Episode 07 soon
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File: story_ep07_01.jpg (32KB, 640x360px)Image search: [Google]
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How soon?
File: story_ep07_03.jpg (33KB, 640x360px)Image search: [Google]
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Livestream in 24min.

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Was All Might this bad with women?
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The only woman All Might cares for is Justice
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Maybe when he was 15, he seems like he'd have been an awkward kid.
All Might, unlike Endeavor, is a virgin

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Pinpoint the exact moment a series peaked. As in everything else afterwards was a downward spiral into a bottomless abyss of hot garbage.
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Chrollo Yorknew.png
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One Piece v32 p082~083.png
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Worst girl thread
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Sorry Anon she's worst
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altair and who agian.jpg
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can't decide who's worse between these two


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How do you guys Would do Ilya's route?

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I wouldnt, the effort is better used on Casters
by creating a alternate universe where she would live happily with her brother, with her mom and
become a lewd lewd mahou shoujo
>Prisma Illya Remake by Ufotable

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Your favourite anime gets remade with every girl being brown

Would you still love her?
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Y-yes I would..
>implying my favourite anime has whores
Name a single anime with no whores

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Is this your kind of girl?
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I don't like that bulge.
File: 1483157850188.jpg (602KB, 1280x1833px)Image search: [Google]
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The more aggressive the better.
this is porn, right?

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How is it coming along.gif
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Struggling with catching up with this season, no time for my backlog.
I'm constantly getting sidetracked by 3DPD shows at the moment.
You watching Gilmore Girls too?

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Is Atilla the perfect servant?
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Why do you keep forcing this threads that don't even belong in here?
>Photon Ray is not a power originating from Velber, but the sword of the original God of War whom Altera defeated. It is also the prototype of Divine Constructs. When invoking this Noble Phantasm, Altera is actually establishing a connection with the God of War Mars (Ares). Due to her actions as the White Titan 14,000 years ago, Mars loathes Altera more than anyone else and upon recognizing the connection, he would unleash the Photon Ray, his light of authority, towards her. Altera’s usage of mana for this Noble Phantasm is to actually redirect that light of authority towards the designated spot of attack, costing a great deal of mana to redirect it.

Topkek. Have you ever a God or War so hard, you're instantly on his Kill on Sight list even after tens of thousands of years has passed?

Unpronounceable jumbles of consonants, not meant for human vocal organs.
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Lovecraftian like names I guess.
They're all speaking the lizard language.
Emnetwyte (human) speech died out when the beasts appeared.
Best dead girl of the year.

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I still care about you, Index.

You may be a side character in your own anime, but I'll never stop caring!
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Kill yourself.
I watched your show and I can't even remember what the hell it was about. Do people find this shit actually enjoyable?
I thought she died

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Sure, I'm not fat.
Yes, but it's not comfortable.
I stopped after getting a blood clot in my leg

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>is the strongest servant in black team lorewise
>died in episode 4
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Gotta wank the self insert MC
That's why servants with brain problems aren't worth it, even if they're stronk.

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