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they are destroying the things I love and im not strong enough to resist
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Kino is the best thing to happen to /a/ in a long while.
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I don't know what you're talking about OP. Kino has always been pure sex beneath her jacket.
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Just finished watching this, will the new anime cover new stories, remake the old ones or a mix of both?

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So, we can all agree that humans had a God given right to rule the world and only subhuman mole rats could be stupid enough to dig out antiquated concepts like freedom and democracy and thus were rightfully put down?
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Squealer literally did nothing wrong.
Squealer literally went against natural law and applied failed experiments from a thousand years ago. And it shows - he tried to commit a genocide over God given rules of Earth in name of these perversion. Squealer did literally everything wrong.

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ITT: "Villains" who were right.
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Its Monday.
Post Meguca.
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My kingdom for a sequel.
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This is a hero
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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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Because he's gay.
>muh first friend

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How? How did they do it?
I have never seen an anime where I thought:
>How are the good guys going to win? They stand no chance here. There's no way someone isn't going to die in this whole fight
This arc surpassed my expectations
Making almost all the characters likable and somewhat important in one way or another
Making most of the fights fair and believable for the rules of the series
holy shit that ending

this was such a pleasure to watch, and no other arc in anything else has ever made me feel as satisfied as this did
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This would've been the perfect HxH arc were it not for its extremely slow pacing.
Chimera Ants is truly amazing, but the first half is a complete bore

The invasion, however, was perfect, and the narrator was a big part of it.

The last moments made me really sad, Meruem was a great character, but Youpi best ant
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It was a masterpiece.

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what makes incest so good?
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Obligatory judge post
I think it's the thrill of taboo and a relationship that shouldn't be, despite the two people being related in the first place. It also allows for a decent plot with some drama, although that more often that not turns out worse than it could be. Too often authors take the easy way out or don't even mention complications at all.

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How do Japs tell their friends and families that they design and animate shit like this for a living?

Do they just lie about their profession?
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>design and animate shit like this for a living
>families and friends
Kuro is cute.
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Would your parents approve of you watching a show like this?

So now that /a/ is under some heavy handed reform, let's see if we can finally have a good LoGH thread.
FUCK Production IG
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Still looking forward to their adaptation, it'll be the closest thing to experiencing LoGH with /a/ together. The threads will never be the same though.
I thought this anime was about spaceships and stuff, but all they do is talk about politics.
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Are you afraid yet?

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Are Flip Flappers threads still allowed?
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If a billion DB threads are, why not?
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Don't mind me just running to page 10

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I'm not a fan of how the Tournament of Power is treating Vegeta. All the hype is with Goku, Gohan, Frieza, heck, even Android 17.

Vegeta hasn't done much at all so far. Yeah, he helped eliminate Universe 9 which was nice, but that's really it.

Now Goku's getting a new form and without a doubt Vegeta is going to job for some retarded reason because it's Toei and they hate Vegeta.

It's not fun being a Vegetafag.
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true, but you shouldn't have posted this autistic shit picture in the OP
I actually hope the current pushing for 17 and Freeza works out. Vegeta is a very boring rival, since all his power ups are just Goku's scraps. If the rival wasn't just another Saiyan, they'd have to get more creative with them in order to allow them to keep up.
Vegeta needs something to be his own man.

They keep treating him like shit

Shippers log. Year two, day one

I'm still mad.
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Just pretend they NTR their partners. It's even better
The only good thing that came from reading this trainwreck to completion was the bitterness from Ichiruki fags
How didn't you see it coming? She had almost no panel time in the second half of the manga when it came to Ichigo.

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Wait, mods! This is not a general. Heh.

Anime soon. Anyone here looking forward to it?
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It already aired.
Nobody ripped it because it's a portrait mode cell phone release.
>It already aired.
It got ripped though. We had a couple threads the past few days. No subs but it's basically just manga panels with slight movements attached.

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Will this girl ever overcome her idiocy?
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If she got a better onii-chan and someone assassinated Yoshiko she would make a lot of progress.
She's not an idiot
She's just bad at everything, including studying and life
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Will he ever return?
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Considering how the ratings raised during his arc in Super, I guess his return for another arc in the future is not far-fetched.
They could always jump after EoZ and make Presnt Trunks more likeable
>thinking fuckboy raised the ratings
Thank Zamasu and Vegito for that

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