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Just on the border, of your waking mind
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There lies another time.
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Where darkness and light are one.
Pay the royalties to Jeff Lyne, Anno.

>Owarimonogatari airing in 1 (one) week
What do you want to see from Ougi
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Small of back
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probably first or second episode

kiss shot hanging gaen by the head and hugging araragi after that

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Holy fuck this Yotsubato! manga is amazing.
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Gas yourself newfag
It's the 404 girl!
not newfag, just reading it for the first tiem

be nice.

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Post a random image you saved from /a/ at some point
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The best show ever
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Kasumin subs never
Nika Nikaaaa
Underrated desu

So...like...what's her god damn problem?
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A mexinigger keeps plugging his smartphone into her laptop.
she's white
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She's literally the protagonist of the manga but people don't see it because Hori has her act all zany in her true form

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>the most exciting anime of next year
>the best looking visuals and animation in anime history
>realistic character designs with incredible amount of details
>classy, elegant yet historical accurate XX century setting with mature protags
>beautiful dramatic plot based on over-the-top writing novel with some literature awards
>excellent story that left every person watched it in tears even after the first episode, also the longest line to prescreen event among all AnimeExpo panels

>all this goodness ruined by Netflix

Kill me already
It'll probably be shit and since Netflix is picking this up, it'll be fansubbed, it's all good for us, Netflix once again saving anime by waking up fansubbers.
They're just subbing it, what are crying about.

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So, let me get this right. Luluco's mother is Lady Chariot and Hisho is Ursula?
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Best or worst character?
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I all for making things legally, but it's like Crunchyroll want me to pirate this stuff.

I can stand for an add or two, but not so much in a row that it end up almost longer than the episode.

And fuck the for putting their ad JUST AFTER the opening. You put it all before the video start not in the middle of it.

Also, TF is their strategy, they only advertise their own anime they host themselves. you do not generate revenue like that.
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what could have been

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Why was the Cute ED best? Will Passion and Cool redeem themselves in the next Gekijou season?
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Minami a best.
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Is Gekijou good?

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Why is Berserk 2016/17 so fucking awful? The staff should be shamed of themselves for producing this turd
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>whys it awful
because they could get away with it

and also because they could do very little justice to the source material due to restricted time slots for the genre and level of violence it depicts
why? because it's not anime.. it's 3d redered bullshit which is just a grab for money.. like the newest Fate.. or the season 4 of Hell Girl.. or the 2nd & 3rd seasons of FLCL.. or the Eva 3.33 & 4.44 (never gonna happen now) movies.. or really anything else that is new
it's been explained up and down. What answer are you wanting exactly?

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Bow to your queen faggots
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Take and cuddle your queen.
To fuck or not to fuck?
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Based Captain Rico

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Why there is no more chuunibyou harems?
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>cropped panel that no image search engine will pick up
>no name of the manga
>no hints
Your thread will die, as it should.
>Your thread will die, as it should.
Isn't it Wxxxxx's Exx[/spoiler] Gxxxxxxxxx, or whatever -- which is an incredibly well known manga?
Lurk more.
>cropped panel that no image search engine will pick up
Picture is not cropped and image search engine will not find anything because picture comes from Volume that was not ripped yet.
>no name of the manga
Here if you want:
>no hints
A thread about chuunibyou harems. What is not understandable about that?

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>subs have memes
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>watching Commie
don't ever touch commie
Reminder that Eclipse,Doki,Chihiro,Static-Subs,m.3.3.w and Coalirls are for redditors who love garbage
People with real taste watch from gg,Coalguys,Underwater,Commie,FFF and Vivid

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Now that 11 years have passed
Was he in the right with this statement?
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It's been 11 years already? In all that time, I've never come up with a witty response.
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he was correct
oh my FUCKING god, do I have to explain it again???? Jesus FUCKING christ you people never fucking listen you dumb FUCKS

Shirou was in possession of the item "avalon" which heals him when he takes damage that would have otherwise killed him. So in this image, he is saying that he wants to be a normal mortal and not have this pretty much cheating device to survive mortal wounds. He's saying that people should die if they take mortal wounds. Now if we talk about the reason why he doesn't fucking love and abuse a regenerative power, that's because he's a fucking retard.

Jesus christ people, get some context you stupid autistic fucks. fuck you

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Why's there such a stigma against femdom in most anime? An aggressive female side character is usually tamed by the MC, or dies a horrible death as a villain. Pic related.
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Because femdom is shit and you're just as shit for liking it.
Read the manga

You don't know ANYTHING about Japanese culture and how they treat women do you OP?

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