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I am da bone of my sordo...
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Huh, an hour of no replies and still here...
Now I want to hear it in an Italian accent.

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So he's in love with his teacher now, like planned? Why does the teacher keep trying to kiss him if his plan only was to make Setti realize he's in love with him first/break his heart?

The show is really moe but i'm a bit annoyed due to the confusion. In other BL's you at least know why the characers act retarded the majority of the time.
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because he's in denial or something
Are you just going to ignore Kensuke's katsudon breakdowns
>katsudon breakdowns

i dislike kensuke and i would like to slap him

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Why wasn't cross ange popular? Its got mecha, its got ecchi, its got rape...
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It was decently popular
/a/ loved it.

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Woke up late again

74: Shion-san, a major debut
[Side] I-I'll beat you up!
[Side] Yaay! Hi, time to die!
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[top right] If sensei's long story is coming to an end...

"So tomorrow's spring break! What do you wanna do, Yuuna-chana?"
"I'd like to go out on a day trip!"
"Kuugh! We're gonna be gallant second years soon!"
"I'm so excited Fuyuzora!!"
"Is there something to it?"
"You don't get it, Fuyuzora!? If we're second years, then that means..."

"We're gonna get some underclassmen!"
"There'll be underclassman girls"
"And they're gonna say 'Hyoudou-senpai' all cute and stuff!!"
"That's just plain stupid... Hyoudou"

"...oh yeah, Chisaki"

"Are you free sometime this week?"
"I got someone I'd like you to meet!"
"What're they like?"
>Sukeban Yuuna
I didn't knew i needed this
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I just realized I could use kouhai for most of these, but I'm gonna run with what I'm doing now. Let me know if you want them back in

"She's my junior..."
"Then I'm completely okay with it"
"Thanks Chisaki!"

"But man, Serizawa mellowed out well"
"So she transferred into the middle school Miyazaki and I were attending when we were in our third year"
"And back then, she was one of those hardcore delinquents, and they were rare considering the times"

"I heard she was top dog at Sengoku Middle School, or Goku-chuu, the famous delinquent school..." [TN: 'Goku-chuu' can be tagged out for 'Junior prison']
"That's why she was pretty wild at first"
"Oh! So that's her past then..."

"Hm? Wait"
"Serizawa's junior would mean...!?"

A few days later
"Hello there!"
"I'm Seri's friend, Miyazaki Chisaki!"

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TL for latest Toki and Biyori. Let's try this again. Dumping.
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Toki's self doubt.
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Ryuuka is magical; Toki seems ordinary.
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Izumi is serious.

What kind of character development do you want to see in season 2?
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Ruby dying
Chika dying and them finding a new leader
Kanan dying. It reduce drama.

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It's time to du-du-du du-du-du-du-du-du-du.....
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*little heroic music plays directly after and then

Yuuuuuu gi oh oh..oh..oh..
Shut the fuck up Yugi.

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nobody knows~~~~~oooohhhhh~~~~~
What's this, a remake?
Hopefully never, I don't want to see my favorite anime flooded with garbage threads and shitposters.

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It's time.
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Killua is cute!
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what upcoming releases are you waiting on?
pic related
for what?

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ITT: characters that you could hang out with
no waifus, no husbandos, none of that shit just characters you think you could be friends with
Kobayashi and I have similar personalities and were both drunks so it would probably be fun to get a beer and argue about stupid pointless shit
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This man

Is Ange her slave?
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Everyone is her slave, that's the point of being a princess.
she's her lover too
She royalty, so everyone in the Kingdom is

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The legend himself is going to be in the manga soon, and then we're on to OT14. Get hyped.
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>Hamazura's role increasing in NT again and Index 3 soon
The Shiage boom is coming.
The man, the myth, the legend: End of the Century Emperor Hamazura.
Shiage is a good boy

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japanese grade schooler.png
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This is a japense grade schooler
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This is Jesus Christ
> That pantsu detail
You can tell he still draws porn.

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what the fuck
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Gear 4 was a mistake.
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Anime that mock other anime for their bad quality. You don't see that every day. More example like that?
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Okaeri is really good though, Okawari a shit.
Both had the same director, he made a self deprecating joke

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