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persona 3.jpg
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>"Careful, I've got a evil spirit trapped inside me, and I might be dangerous."
>shoots himself to bring out his secret power

Why do nips like this edgy autist?
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Because deep down all nips have fantasies about a dark, handsome and edgy autist abusing them in every way humanely possible...which explains why nips adore shitty and unlikable characters such as Sasuke from Naruto so much.
Jotaro really isn't edgy at all, he's more of a Kenshiro type, dispensing justice to villains with the occasional cool one liner.
These kinds of characters were popular at the time.

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Umaru chan...
is cancer or not?
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People who hate Umaru are cancer.

We, the mighty and proud Umaru fans barely go to other threads to shitpost, meanwhile Umaru haters very often spam Umaru bullying/abuse pictures thinking that this will change the fact that she's getting a season 2 this october that will be a worldwide success.
umaru is cancer, but what the faggots here won't admit is that it is very similar to all the other moeblob horseshit that gets a pass anyway
Yes, it's only used for shitposting

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What the FUCK is his problem?
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Moguro was to good for japan, that's why he left to find more people to help in Hawaii.
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princess (salesman).jpg
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Would you a moguro, /a/?
Have you watched the original yet?
Warau sales man in the US when?
I would and thanks for reminding me of the old series. I will watch them right now.

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Dumb new FLCL girl.png
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>They need another installment of FLCL (with now, an autistic antisocial girl with headphones) so to retell the 'coming of age' story for all the antisocial manchildren who never matured during their adolescence after watching the first FLCL


Gee, "can't wait" ....
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Will she be a lesbian is all I want to know.
>"I need these headphones to shut myself away from the outside world, even though I probably want to interact with others."
>"Who will save me from my retardisms, Haruha? Naota...?"
I didn't really like it at first, but her headphones really grew on me. Reminds me of Neku from TWEWY and the whole reason as to why he never takes his headphones off.

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captain harlock.jpg
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So I found this cheesy English dub of Captain Harlock that looks like it's been well remastered - it's on a streaming site.

Basically I'm wondering if it's available for download anywhere? It seems like something I'd like to save on my SSDD for future generations to enjoy.
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This is the end title card, it's streaming at

You know you will never watch it again.

why not though it's good

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Discuss Tsukushi's real age, straws, for now, Boccaccio, women basketball players, MiA related fiction, puffy nipples, moths, value village, stalker's children, which soup's the most delicious, three sages, Mysterajo and if he's a guy or a gal, how abysmal is anime's reception in nipland, classical mechanics, rugs producing machinery and shit.
Debate whether characters are for lewding or not. Place bets on cartoon's pacing.
Remind yourself that shitposting and speedreading are detrimental for the peace of mind of your fellow anons. Don't be irredeemable.
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Shuffles the Shufflin.jpg
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>three sages
Literally fuck Puk Puck and fuck Caspar. Praise be to Grim Heart.
File: 1501945251400.jpg (160KB, 1000x1046px)Image search: [Google]
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Tell me about the Riko

Why does she shit
not exactly these three sages anon


Gamergurls aren't like this in real life
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Why would you ever want an anime about real life gamer girls?
Chiaki > Nina-senpai > Aguri >>> Karen
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I love this gamer girl.

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>ruined Super Saiyan
>ruined Super Saiyan 2
>ruined Legendary Super Saiyan
>appreciated only by stupid pervs and femdom fags
>Cale will never truly be Broly because of that stupid top she has to wear
>Broly will never be canon
>Caulifla pulls out power every episode
>horrible character with no motivations whatsoever
>can't have violent Dragon Ball-style beatdowns because they are girls

Am I the only one who hate these characters and can't wait for Zeno-sama to destroy their fanfiction universe completely?
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Imagine being this afraid of women.
>can't have violent Dragon Ball-style beatdowns because they are girls

Funny. Last I checked Videl was indeed a female
Those were other times.

Imagine having Cale beaten up to a pulp like Videl in the Buu Saga.

That was uncomfortable to watch. I still get off viewing the scene.

>No Shoukoku no Altair this week
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Bad week for anime
yeah, heard other shows got delayed too
anyway i hope they improve the quality of animation in 2 weeks break even if its a slightest one.
Is this "golden week"?

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you can only choose one
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I choose death.
File: 78564654.png (592KB, 1259x1205px)Image search: [Google]
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Jesus Christ OP. You had one fucking job and you still fucked it up by posting the shit version of the color swap
Red Rei is hot, Blue Asuka looks like she belongs in Slayers

File: IMG_3502.jpg (201KB, 414x663px)Image search: [Google]
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ITT: Characters made for teasing femdom
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Go to >>>/d/ if you want suggestions for your femdom porn
Shut up.
can you say that in a more authoritive tone

File: bleach-20080801045741772.jpg (80KB, 900x600px)Image search: [Google]
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You have the change of changing something that happened in Bleach.

What do you do?
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Ichigo dies in first chapter. His initial struggle etc. is based around discovering his Shiba heritage in Rukongai. Rest of the story can't stay mostly as-is, with adjustments to keep coherence.

Also, pacing.
After the soul society I would just start on the final arc, dont get me wrong bleach had potential but it shouldn't have gone on for so many chapters and the anime suffered because of it.
Cancel it

Just started watching this because of how much it's shilled all over 4chan

I can't tell if it's awesome or fucking retarded
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Me too.
It is>>160816328

Why is Toppo so cute?
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File: SSG ToP anime.png (2MB, 1440x1123px)Image search: [Google]
SSG ToP anime.png
2MB, 1440x1123px
Reminder SSG is back even in the anime
File: thiccjustice.png (337KB, 485x633px)Image search: [Google]
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File: bri.jpg (57KB, 700x466px)Image search: [Google]
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spoiler for naked Bri!

File: 1411919622513.jpg (54KB, 736x733px)Image search: [Google]
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>excitedly wait a week for a new episode
>its a recap
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What the hell is this garbage quality image anon? Did you get this from the 1800s?
i just saved a random halfway fitting picture from another thread to make this one desu
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