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What girl do you like the most out of the monogatari cast?
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Either Ougi or Kanbura.
Shinobu or Karen, I dont really have a favorite

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Satanya appreciation thread. to pure never lewd.
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Look at this adorable face.
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Please be still while Kurumizawa-san cleans your ears, okay?
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How does a witch make potions? What can potions even do?
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oh god it's just like japanon said, our autism is being persecuted

I'm going to be posting new art on /u/ later today, if there's a thread here that survives long enough I'll link
All of /a/ is being cracked down on. Just perservere and tell me what you think about potions.
Just let it rest until the stream already, please. If you keep this up then they'll gonna be deleting threads when things are actually happening because of a kneejerk reaction.

Seriously, what's up with Japan, calling well grown girls 12-14 years old? Is this some cultural thing, a trope, a fetish? I keep running into this in a bunch of shows; what's the point?
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yes you're kawaii uguu~
Isn't 12 the age of consent in Japan? I'm not even shitting on you, it's all messed up, their age of consent is low while they are only considered true adults by 20
She's actually 16 years old.

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Today we have a volume full of body horror and psychological issues! Come and join the fun! Best boy will appear.

>What is Houseki No Kuni?
A Manga from author Haruko Ichikawa. 28 genderless Gem People are the only habitants of the land in the far future, and they must defend themselves from the mysterious attackers that come from the Moon to capture them. Phos, the protagonist, is completely useless, so Adamant, their leader, asks him to make an encyclopedia which kicks a series events that make him start to discover whats going on with the world they are living in.

What we saw so far:
>Phos gets chosen to make an encyclopedia. He meets Cinnabar, who wants to fucking die, and decides to find a job for him. Phos befriends an Admirabilis, Ventricosus. Admirabilis are used as slaves by the Moon People. Ventricosus tells Phos about the Humans and their myth of creation. She tries to sell Phos to the Moon People and he loses their legs, but they sort things out and she gives him agate legs.
>Phos new legs makes him super fast. Adamant Sensei sends him with the Amethyst twins to see if he learns how to fight. Phos gets too scared to even call for help during battle. Due to feeling bad about it, Phos cannot hibernate like the other gems during winter. He is paired up with Antarciticte to defend the sleeping gems from attackers, and loses his arms to the talking ice floes. When he gets an alloy replacement, Moon People attack and take away Antarc.
>Phos gets temporarily partnered up with Bortz since he is now strong. A double sunspot anomaly appears, and from there a giant Moon People who attacks the gems, but they manage to defeat him. Phos realizes the giant was related to Sensei in some way and decides to learn about it by directly trying to talk with the Moon People.
>Phos can only get breathing sounds out of the Moon People. He pairs up with Ghost Quartz, a multilayered gem and keeps trying to investigate Sensei in secret.
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For more info (Previous volumes)
-Volume 1: >>160572958
-Volume 2: >>160590998
-Volume 3: >>160657589
-Volume 4: >>160696839
-Volume 5: >>160783548
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Wonder if i should use the dramatis personae or the first manga pages for the OP. I dunno which one is more noticeable.
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oh shit the dramatis is not noticeable at all

What went wrong?
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Nothing for me, I ended up really enjoying it. I liked how it was basically a story of how three different generations of a family would use the movie's plot device. And the amazing animation was the cherry on top.
I haven't seen it since the year it came out, all I remember is Alfred Molina shouting at Patrick Stewart against some pretty crazy detailed backgrounds
I enjoyed it.

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Will there be a season 2?
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Not enough content.
Not enough content yet, but getting closer. Give it another year.
I can't imagine Kyoani animating Iruru. Not saying S2 won't eventually be athing, but I wonder that Kyoani will do with her.

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Which movie characters do you wish got arcs during the series? I feel like a lot of cool villains were completely wasted on low stake standalone movies.

Pic related for me.
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at least he'll always be
cooler would of been a good arc but it would of dramatically changed the events of the current, atleast how i would see it being written in

>instead of freeza coming back as a part mechanical body, coolor and their dad pop up
>trunks shows up
>doesnt 6-shot him like how he did freeza
>goku vegeta trunks and piccolo now square off against them
>their dad gets to power up into his 3rd form as well this time

at the very least, this also makes the android arc kind of redundant, as vegeta and goku would have gained some extreme zenkai boost and been able to easily defeat 18 and 17
>King Cold

So if all of Freeza's race are named after cold shit, so does that mean there is one named Nippy?

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Did /a/ forget about Hinako Note already? It was a quality slice of life anime with great characters and boobs.
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This shit show doesn't even deserve a joke thread.
Most of /a/ hated it, I liked it tho
I liked Kuina.

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OPT - One Page Thread
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>ougi dark opening is gonna come out in fucking december
what the fuck am i supposed to do until then
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that's gonna be a long nap
Ougi is cute

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What would you consider the worst anime you saw until now?
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You're favorite anime.
Lamune, School Days or Clannad.
H2O Footprints in the Sand

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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But I always liked it.
I like it though
finally a thread I can hide in

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Would probably help if you posted more than one pic.
Yeah this
why can't japs draw blacks?

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How did they end up together? Was Misaka destined not to stand by Touma's side?
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She wanted to carry half breeds
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>yfw Misaki's VA got married

Reminder that Othinus is best girl and that her presence makes Touma happier than whatever Misaka could think of.

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