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Posted this on /toys/ but it got removed, not sure why. I recently picked this up because I thought it looked cool but it turns out it's worth a few dollars. Previous thread people managed to figure out it's from 2002, is the special black edition, and is worth a few hundred. My last question: is the vacuum seal factory or has this been done afterwards? If it's factory I don't want to break it, but some people were saying that this set never came sealed so if that's true I want to verify the contents. Any help is appreciated.
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Man, if only there were like a page listing all the rules for this website. Newfags like you would avoid getting their threads deleted.

Wouldn't that be great?

>/toy/ - Toys
>Toys, toys, toys!
>Absolutely no Japanese figurines. Action >figures are permitted.
>No "hot glue" fetish images.

Don't see a rule that says no model kits.

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Will Gowasu and the Elephant God survive the next episode? Will the loli Angel care if they're erased?
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Reminder to report and ignore shitposting.
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Reminder that General Blue is beautiful.
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Where are her lips?

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Which franchise was better in the end? Where do you stand on this eternal enmity?
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What the fuck
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Gudako a cute
How horrifying.

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ITT: objectively bad anime. Dont just post popular stuff because you're a contrarian edgelord
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>Dont just post popular stuff because you're a contrarian edgelord
Starting good eh???
Says the contrarian edgelord.
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Black Jack 05 (5).png
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>genki black haired
I love this.
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When will I get my gains hime? Also she's not getting the screentime she needs.

Daily reminder that Portgas D Rouge is the most beautiful One Piece girl and if you disagree then youre a penis loving faggot.

Have a blessed day.
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This a joke right?
My nigga

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too big
If rapists looked like this It wouldn't be called rape.
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Chichi Chichi.jpg
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But the poor shota anon, we have to save him

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How do you download anime when there's no seeds in nyaa?
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How do you download anime when nyaa is dead?
you watch through shitty streaming?

but the site display is just fucked up, a lot of the torrents imported from the old .se database will wrongly claim to have 0 seeders

Name a show with shittier dialogue

protip: you can't
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Tsuki ga kirei
80% of anime. Anime is a medium for shut in retards.
But it non-sarcastically has better dialogue than 99% of anime

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I'm just catching up with Boruto and am at EP 8.
It feels so nice to see Naruto have a loving family and people who respect him.

This thread is dedicated to MCs who actually got something in return for the shit cards they were dealt.
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You realize that 95% of all non-romance shows have a happy MC end, right?
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Well, then post them. This thread is to celebrate that they got something in return for their hardship.
Famiry endos aren't that uncommon for shounens,

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Is she dare i say the coolest female anime character
also bost waifus
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I want to be Shiki when I grow up.
>bost waifus
Off yourself.

Which one do you Dream of BanGing?
The best one is missing
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I want to place kisses all over oh Tae and hold and cuddle her and rub noses for hours!
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Saaya and Kasumi

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This is the reason why Diana looking at Akko from episode 21 to 23
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How on earth did she convince Akko to let her do this to her?
>It was rape Diana, you raped Akko!

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Why aren't Neapolitan lolis more popular in anime?
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>Pink-haired loli with tanlines

There you go
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hatsumi 06.png
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hope you like japanese sweets
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the matrix.png
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It's sad, we need more of this

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Will we ever get a comfy Villains ova , will we ever see shiggy kill someone relavent
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>not even academia on the title
ant the other tread have general in the tittle you fucking failures

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