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so... what's the deal with the theme of a red eyed clan? ex: Sasuke from Naruto and Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter
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Red eyes are cool
It's edgy
Yeah awesome but besides the obvious. Their clan was killed because of their eyes, they are some of the few survivors, and when their eyes turn red they get stronger. So What I'm trying to ask is... Is there a folk story behind this? a legend? a fairy tail perhaps?

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crabscription .jpg
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>Take somewhat niche hobby
>replace actual demographic of said hobby with "cute" underage girls
What's it's name and how, if at all, is it different than the rest, /a/?
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Cute girls learning about world history
kantai collection

it made boatloads of money

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>Be urobushit
>Blast Linkin Park in my stereo
>Crawling in my skin
>Paint my face with a lamb's blood
>Voila, AOTS
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When was the last time he actually contributed meaningfully to a notable anime project?
Talentless hack thread?
>Be OP
>Blast YMCA in my stereos
>Bathe un the semen of 300 niggers
>Sit in the biggest cock i can find
>Voila, im a Faggot

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why did he get such a fucked up death? like why a fucking horde of reis and not just one?
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Why wouldn't you want more Reis
>this poor fucker had to contain Rei's ugly mug in his peripheral vision, not just once but multiple times in the same instance
I assume he was refusing instrumentality, and when a single ghost Rei didn't work, she tried multiple ones.

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You have now become the main villain of your favorites series/movie.

How fucked are you?
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Hehe. KhihihihiHAHAHA! HORA~ HORA~
Depends. What power do I possess?
How the fuck would being the villain in K-On work?

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I relate to Mikan so much, it hurts
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BTW no new chapter this week. No raws. Sorry.
When is the next raw coming?

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For a crossdressing protagonist, he really has some balls. Also, Botan is adorable
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Posting more Botan
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Dat translation

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Is Nemesis serious about anything she does, or is it all for fun?
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Just for the lulz.

Best wingman, but I was hoping she'd be an actual villain. The series desperately needs one.
The endboss will be stupid Mikan.

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I have been sitting here for an entire day, trying to figure out why this character exists. I have been looking at every possible angle to find out why this character exists. And I've broken. I can't figure it out. What is her purpose? Why was she made? There is nothing she was necessary for and she didn't even do anything in the story. They didn't even explain why she suddenly left the KKK and joined the Flip Flappers.

There is no explanation for this character. I can't find one. Please Flip Flappers fans, end my suffering. Give me a proper explanation for this character's existence.
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>we made another cute character design, let's throw it in
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She was a literal Chekhov's gun

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What are your thoughts on the Shimakaze outfit?
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It's good on boys.
It really emphasizes cute dicks.

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Are they fucking serious?!?
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They're not aware of the /tv/ meme because they're not cynical assholes who think the mere existence of a recognisable trope means it must be bad.
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Hibike is literally pottery
Not surprising when all you watch is dreck.

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What went wrong?
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Can you explain?
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Nothing. It was the tightest shit.

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Say something nice about this girl
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all her organs and bones were crushed
I bet she likes hugs
She found someone who will never let go of her

>Valvrave ended 3 years ago
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It was a trainwreck
When does the statute of limitation expire?
Thank god, imagine if it was still going on?

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Why did Shiburin have no friends in school?
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She was taking up all the cocks.
How can I become her friend?

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