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Good job anti powerlevelfags
Happy now?
Fucking retards
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Those are the strongest on earth, not see the issue here.
I haven't watched Super in months but I've roughly followed the story. What happened that made you so mad?

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Well, this was just scanned. Still pretty, meh. Long story short, we're gonna get alot of magic asspulls real conveniently placed.
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Dump it for discussion
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King a cute.
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Mori Summer is ready to start her new job as snake charmer.
Will you be her test subject?
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She's already charmed my snake, if you catch my drift.
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Sorry anon, but you're snake isn't big enough.

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In anticipation for the next season, 2202, I thought it'd be a good idea for people to catch up on the series.



Starts at 3pm PST - 11pm UTC

This is not a substitute for the proper release; if you're interested in the series, download the best best release for the best experience. If you're too lazy or want to watch with others, check out the live stream. I gain nothing out of this.
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Also here's a pastebin link:

Cool. When does the second season start anyway?
Are you going to be playing the movies or just the TV series?

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What girl you think is the best in this series?
Only one (1) correct answer.
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Oogie boogie!
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Be honest
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the only right option here is right
The Miyuki Sawashiro flowchart is never wrong.
It's too bad Inaba was stuck inside such a shit show

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Clang Season 2 begins this spring.
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Literally who can stop the spring season?
i JUST can't wait.
I wonder what they can fit at the end of HAI this time if they choose to

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>implying I ever doubted the Cu

>owns everyone as caster
>still wants to be lancer

Does he love holding that L?
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Nothing to apologize for. I've always said CĂș is the best FSN, and a terribly misused Servant. No wonder he kicks when fighting for himself.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I love you, Fish-chan.
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riko fish.png
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I am beyond emotion in reaction to this aquatic creature.
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I like it

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What makes a good opening ?
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Mostly good music,all that the visuals have to do is not be terrible
The animation should present every important characters.
It can't be people jumping randomly.

>I never got into Fate, Monogatari or Jojo because all of them have too much material out for me to even consider picking them up
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Anime in general sucks, the voice acting is cringe worthy, every seiyuuki sounds the same, there is little creativity and it's mostly about kawaii shit thrown in with pointless perverted scenes.
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Yeah, I tend to do that. The only reason I ever watched monogatari was because I wasn't aware it had more that one season because they're all called something different.
i dont really like watching anime most of them are very crinngewhorty at some there is impossible to find an anime where i dont cringe, i only ever watched and liked two or three animes.

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Fap King's Queen.jpg
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>exposed as infamous fap bandit
>isn't punished by the school
>teacher doesn't tell parents
>manages to land a cute delinquent
How the hell did he pull it off?
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By swallowing all his pride and becoming a beta
It can happen.
The guy in class we used to bully for being a fat sperglord ended up with a girl from the same class that used to be one of the class cuties.

Maybe because he was the only one who still held contact after graduation.
I'll never not be happy about the ending. Cute delinquent winning was the only highlight.

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floof up.png
406KB, 640x480px


also discuss 80s/90s anime/manga I guess
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It was neat
The mods are asleep?
We must act, this is our time to strike.
You're on /a/. Mods are always asleep.

What was her fucking problem?
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She is not cute.
I agree and she's also a bully

Who would win?
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>one has MC powers and immortality
>one doesn't

take a fucking guess
This about this.
If the death note worked on Lelouch would Light become immortal because He stole infinite years from Lelouch?
Considering both of their greatest achievements, still Lelouch has an edge. If Lelouch really considered Light a threat he'd just drop a nuke on his city. Lelouch plays to win regardless of the consequences. Light always tried to ensure his own safety before everything.

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