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Any eva fans?
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Tell me about Asuka, why does she eat the water melon?
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>that resolution
Because she has patrician taste.

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Will we ever have a glimpse of Ripple's two years of happiness?
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The Prison Girls have awoken but I still want to MARRY Marika!
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Look at this vamp
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That I just found
dem collarbones
>Batman T-shirt

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So I just marathoned this show and
>directer fucked off to work on Classicaloid for months
>Totty going abroad
>hype train is dead

How never is S2?
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There was the horse racing special.

Give it a year or two.
Workin' on it.
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Don't be a pessimist anon.

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So this is being brought back as an all CGI serial drama series. How does this make you feel? The original film was a good vampire film, and the sequel was a beautiful work of art with insanely detailed art and great animation. Now you're going to sit through ugly 3D character models and clunky animation. This garbage overly expensive form of animation already ruined Ghost in the Shell and Berserk. When are fans going speak up and say they don't want this. Surely No one is ever satisfied when the final product is finished and it ends up being a terrible waste of time. I just want to understand the mindset of the people who always think something like this is a good idea.
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>ruined GitS
I pray you're talking about the remake of the original film and not SAC
<The original is so based.
either Arise or the New movie. Whatever came 1st .That's when it went down hill.

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>MC turns main girl into a cripple so he can protect her
>she was already pretty weak to begin with
>he gets bored after one episode and leaves her
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This sounds very specific.

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Is Zettai Karen Children worth watching if I really liked Hyoubu in the Unlimited?
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>Is the original worth watching if I liked this spinoff?
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Nah, the anime was pretty garbage.

I love the fuck out of the manga though, and Hyoubu plays a pretty fucking big role considering he's one of the big villains. He's the most regularly reoccurring character besides the Children and Minamoto.

If you're interested in the series, definitely go with the manga over the anime.

Say something nice about him!
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It enables crossdressers
He has a good apartment

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It's really ridiculous Roshi is on the team instead of him
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Why? Roshi outshines Yamcha as both a fighter and a gag character.
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I know man. I don't mind Roshi fighting, he looks badass in the intro and I'm interested in seeing what happens with him. I wish Yamcha could have been there too though.

I'm just hoping Yamcha gets at least one good fight before Super ends.
I like Yamcha as a joke character but it would be nice if he genuinely got to be cool once in a while.

Anyone remember this little gem? A tad generic, and the second season felt pretty fluffy, but the first season was addicting and the final season was positively thrilling. I don't think I've enjoyed another shounen quite as much as this one.
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Shana is HOT.
Yuuji did nothing wrong.
Bad guys are won and are the real anti-heroes.
Best girl won.
Greatest fantasy love story ever told.
I just finished this after dropping it years ago. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
It's a tad generic because it literally defined the entire genre.

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What am I in for?
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Welcome to the edge.
A terrible show with shit main characters and great side characters.
a shit but entertaining trainwreck

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ore twintails.png
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Where i can read the Light Novels?
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On google.

I'll give you the benefit of assuming you meant translated.

Google "ultimaguil".

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Childhood is when you think K-ON is the greatest SoL of all time.
Adulthood is when you realize Maison Ikkoku blows it out of the water.
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Retirement is when you realize Danchi Tomoo is better than both but lolnosubs
Death is when you realize that Sora no Method was actually the best anime of all time,
Childhood is getting a woman in her 30s pregnant. Adulthood is realizing you were raped

Flat chests are better?
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Of course. DFC is life.
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I once loves this show but the quality took a real nosedive. I couldn't even finish the series it got so bad.

Why don't you like Sasuke?
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I do but he was too edgy at times just for the sake of plot. You can't really blame the guy either considering his family and clan was murdered by his brother tho.
but i do
he's super cool and super handsome
he gets super good scores on exams and is really cool
he nearly killed one of his closest friends but its ok because he's super cool and really handsome
Why the fuck are there constantly sasuke threads up now? And why the fuck are people actually liking this little shit now? Shit character in a shit series. We don't need thread after thread for this.

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