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I'm four episodes in and this is just a fucking kids show
I legit thought this was gonna be a good series with all the "trigger saved anime once again" memes and shit but no, every episode has some sort of morale.
In fact,this is the type of show that i could see airing on nickelodeon.
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>this is just a fucking kids show
Exactly. That's the reason why people like it.
The movies were refreshing because of that fact. as a series it's nothing special, and it shows in sales.
>this is just a fucking kids show
Obviously. Why would you expect something else?

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Master Race can't beat Saitama
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Hahahaha, he beat the enemy with one punch! Hahaha get it? Because it's titled One Punch Man!

No fuck off, this "joke" is getting stale.
Back to /pol/...
I guess Suiryu lucked out by not sounding like a generic monster in the first few seconds of the match.

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>body stays perfectly still while mouth flaps open and closed

Why do people think this is good animation?
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They don't?
Do you have any idea how difficult it is not to move your body at all while talking?
Do you move your whole body when you speak?

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>happy-go-lucky MC eventually becomes an angry, miserable misanthrope as series goes on

What's are the best example of this?

pic related
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Not sure if Gon qualifies there, after all it was only temporary.
He basically killed himself and had to be revived by a deus ex machina before going back to square one.

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Why are we still here?
Just to suffer?

Every night, I think about them... and the adventures...
The partner I've lost... the friends I've lost... won't stop hurting...

It's like they're all still there.
You feel it, too, don't you?

I'm gonna make them give back our childhood.
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When I'm done catching up

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This didn't teach me shit.

Also Natsu is kind of a bitch
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The amount of censorship reduced it to nothing.

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Why doesn't /a/ ever talk about Ozanari Dungeon? It's pretty great oldschool fantasy with very loveable characters and a plot that gets pretty real eventually.

And man, it sure is nice that none of the characters are your average japanese highschool boy who was ran over by a truck and was reborn in a different world.
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Because no gud scanleshuns.
started reading it a while ago and it's pretty fun, /a/ doesn't talk about it because it's old and it's being translated just now so a lot of people simply don't know it
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Kids these days.

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Inferior Nippon Kinmo

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Dumping new chapter.
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What did they mean by this? Why was this on Netflix? Literally who is the target audience for this?
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People who like good anime
Hidden gem
The best anime film of all time

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Do you prefer swimsuits or leotards?
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Swimsuit 4ever.
Classic sukumizu is the sex
I prefer tits.

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images (10).jpg
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Okay, let's all agree that this chick's breasts are an universal good!
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Too big

I wholeheartedly agree.
Katze was lucky to get trapped inside of them forever.

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C4ESEXoUYAInzN1.jpg orig.jpg
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What did Kyoani mean by this?
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That is a healthy dragon. inb4 "thicc" posts.
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Kyoani is all about the legs and thighs man, it's not a secret.

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Dumb question, but how does this arena even make money? Sound like too much money is given away for the arena to logically make any money.
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bitcoins, twitch-whores and fake kickstarters

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