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Precure thread
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Miyuki is dating Yayoi? Cute!
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Bunny butt shake.webm
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Why isn't it saturday yet

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ui boobs.gif
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Did you also see her boobs bouncing? Mah nigga.
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That really was a nice post, anon. Unfortunately, I can’t be bothered to dignify it. Why, you may ask? Well, I must inform you that in the span of glancing at your post, I have ejaculated about five times to a rather enthralling hentai called ‘Emergence’. The way the hentai depicts the gradual process of a virgin becoming a cum dumpster really made me erect. Hell, I haven’t gotten that aroused since Anton Yelchin’s death. Anyways, this girl gets raped by her drunk father and has sex with all the boys at school. Now, these parts were perfectly fappable, but the real fun starts when she gets bullied and ostracised from her class. Her downward spiral of drugs and prostitution eventually leads to her becoming a mere shadow of a human being. In her last dying moments as a pregnant prostitute, she dreams of a future with her (would be) daughter. Instead of getting to live that future, she dies alone in a cold room. I swear that last scene will always bring me to ecstasy. Now, if you really want to get my attention, you must commit yourself to reading such refined works as I do. Only then can I consider you my intellectual equal.
How anyone could watch this show and not think Ui is the best is beyond me.

ITT: series that deserve another season but will never get one.
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fucking brains base
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Your mom just fucked your throat.

How do you respond
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what is that

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Sex, duh.
With what, her dick or her tongue? I don't understand

Eitherway, find a warm bed to spend the night with

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This is Maho. Maho is a second-rate scientist. Bully her.
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disgusting second rate kurisu copy
she must suffer
>second-rate scientist
I can't really imagine how much it must hurt to be one of the best from elementary school to MSc, and in the PhD program to start to notice that you are second-rate. Most people have built a rather large part of their identity on excellence in whatever subject they study at that point.

I probably should play 0.
Maho does have issues being inferior to Kurisu if that's what you're interested in.

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I miss her, /a/
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As do I.
Fucking hack who managed to write like 2 okay shows her entire career.

why, what happened to her?

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great debate.jpg
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In general I agree but that's not a great example

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The katana was like magical or some shit right? Been a while
>Used to be that this gif would guarantee a 500+ post thread

>now people are so used to it, they don't even bother

I miss the times when trolling was easy.
It was rape.

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I'm sure we've all seen this shitty bait floating around, but what fucking studio head is even being interviewed? Are their shows any good?
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That moment when you realize you're selling to yourself.
I don't know why people would construe this as negative. What this means is that otaku are not only the ones who actually buy anime, but also the ones with a real passion for it.
That's true after all.
Shinkai once said he made Hoshi no Koe for himself.

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Is this actually a good show or just Yaoi bait?
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A little of column A, a lot of column B.

Manga is good. Anime is meh and goes full yaoi pandering at times.

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It's an Obari kinda day, so lets start the show

9PM pacific


Home thread is over on /m/ >>15181152
/a/ Friends welcome!
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Forgot to add the source is cytube

What would sex with her be like?
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you're sick
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Heroes are not for lewd
Negro, we're all virgins, we don't know what the fuck sex with anything would be like.

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Was he gay for Vicious?
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Isn't it a she?
You mean male (girl)
think he was put in prison and had medical experiments done to him. side effects include a banging rack.

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The fuck is this bitch's problem?
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She's a shit character in a shit show that shits on a great franchise and is currently being posted by a shit person.

That clear it up?
Too cute by half.
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Greatest cooking manga I've ever read
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crossover when!

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