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Why is this edgy guy bullying lolis and why are lolis talking smack to him outta nowhere?
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Children are rude
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Too busy thinking of Yoshi

Part 5 when
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2018 the soonest.
I just want SBR animated.

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I can't believe he gives that bitch one last chance in the end, fucking god.

True Tears indeed.

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What was his name again?
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Ballistic Baboon.
Pushed too far Harambe

When will we get a Resident Evil anime?
>Leon roundhousekicking the shit out of zombies and sporting his based emo hair
>Chris punching boulders
>Claire, Jill and Rebecca being qts
>All in glorious 2D japanimation format

Do they hate money?
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Zombies are dumb; you're dumb.
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RE GOT.png
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I need them.
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>tfw ain't getting MY BOY HUNK in a anime

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What approach does the anime need to take in order to be successful? Assume there will be ~24 episodes
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Go through these routes on this order: PR > VA > MWC. It's not ideal but it's all you'd have room for.
> What approach does the anime need to take in order to be successful?

Come out 5 years ago.

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What's the optimal breast size?
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your mum's
Flat but with a hint of breasts so that when you carress them, you have to really concentrate to tell where the bump starts

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They were made for each other. Not sure who is the bigger hentai at this point, Scumzuma or LaLatina.
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I never got why he hasn't given her a good pounding yet. She was complaining that he didn't visit her bed at the start of this season - I'd be in her faster than you could say Lalatina which that kind of encouragement.
Kazuma's put off by Darkness weirdness. Catering to her fetish must be exhausting.
He's a sad virgin tho. It would take an awful lot to put me off a juicy number like Darkness.

Tell me about Harry Ord
Why does he wear those goofy-ass star pajamas?
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That's why.
thanks for the bump senpai

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They should have showed this instead of the maid scene
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
Why is Satania so shit? She ruined the entire show!

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Short girls with huge racks are the best combination. You CANNOT refute this.
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You're going to need to provide more evidence to support your claim.
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Smaller stature makes them look bigger by comparison. Ideal height would be 4:11 to 5:3

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Why is this idiot always yelling apologies?
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She should offer her belly when she does.
yes, yes he's Kazuma
Get out of this thread Chiya, there are uraras that require molesting.

It's a monday, I miss this show.
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if it makes you feel any better, circle anco's newest set has an ai-chan picture
I missed the last two threads for the 2 specials, does anyone have the stitches of them?

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I decided to read this manga again and man did it bring back memories. Most of them were reaction threads to the new chapters in 4chan, but I was surprised I had missed / forgotten so much of this manga.
It also feels much better than I had remembered and the ending wasn't as bad as it felt then. At the time the ending felt axed, I wanted more, but now I am satisfied with it.

Anyone else remember this one or has read it again after it finished?

Oh, and did MC make her half deaf or not?
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What does she sound like during sex?
I just read this today and really enjoyed it. I wish I had picked it up earlier, in time for the threads.
Man, Ueno was so hated. That rage...

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