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Kilik rung is the only good looking nigga in anime history
Prove me wrong faggots

Pro tip: you cant
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Afro Samurai
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new and improved.jpg
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He could be an honorary uchiha with that look

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bery goodu
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I am starting to think they are becoming a new kind of moe.

And that it is getting very popular.
who's the dude in the red manly dress?

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Text spoilers tonight.
Post predictions.
I hope best boy Ichiji shows up
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Tfw kinda want a retard kid like this in the coming years ya know?
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SaNami chapter pls
File: Screenshot_20170203-114916.jpg (1024KB, 1400x1797px)Image search: [Google]
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u mad?

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Bong hour.png
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You know what hour it is
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Best witch right here
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Lotte hour

Is she correct?
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No because some faggots still haven't watched the OVAs

Go watch the OVAs you fucking scum of the earth
It's a question, not a statement.
Filthy fucking secondaries

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Does /a/ like Nee-san? I love Nee-san. I want to marry Nee-san!
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do girls like bottom middle exist

please say they do, anon; she seems more like a milf than a simple onee-san
Only in 2D. Real life girls are gross and obnoxious.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
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koume radio.png
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That's a telephone

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Chaika on the front page.jpg
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Chaika on the front page!
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nico nico mwee.jpg
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find way.jpg
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In love. Toru with Chaika. But from different dimension. Unknown destiny!

And Chaika confessed that it has not been awarded by the deus ex machina in the boy's phone number. Please do not mind the strange area code, she immediately call him, he is overjoyed to find that you have a you too crazy girlfriend.

When Chaika talked about the day of confession to the boy before, the next day, he is to her, it looks into how you embarrassed each only. After some investigation, the boy she called, she know that she is not the same as the boy fell in love. In fact, he does not fully exist in this universe. Recognition of his conflict, it has had to enable her collision fell in love, of another world, calm self of her AU without him. SHOCKING TRUTH!

They are to be equipped with each other in the arms, it creates the need to conquer their darkest heart of alter ego, has continued to Hijinks to beat the contract that gives the most private secrets to each other. Two, while chasing each human love, they instead, fell in love with each other, began to question the love of the NATURE of KANSHA, then drama followed.

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>You will never swap bodies with your soulmate
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I want to swap bodies with a little girl, not with a "soul mate".
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find a way.png
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>you will never call the alternate universe version of your crush
>you will never have your crush magically acquire your cock and fuck you in the ass with it

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Do you know this manga?
If you know, Do you like this?
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Where can I find the specials for S5, 6 and 7?
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Have you tried asking your crystal ball?
I tried google?
You don't have a crystal ball?

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My 3x3.jpg
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3x3 mk2.jpg
229KB, 920x920px

5/5 anime 4/4 manga
File: 2017.jpg (2MB, 3988x3988px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 3988x3988px
1/4 anime
2/3 manga

File: lizard.jpg (264KB, 910x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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lizardmen make good MCs
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Orcs are better

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mikoto wants.jpg
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Is Index S3 out yet?

I heard it'll be announced this March. I can't wait.
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Stop making these shitty threads. Kamachi's April novel info will be out when it's out and will get a thread if it's NT18. Spamming threads about this series won't make it come out faster
Well, you heard wrong, motherfucker.
Fuck off bumping this thread OP

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read the meme http://buyfags.moe
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I love loli !

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