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Can it be adapted to anime? If so, who can do it?
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>adapted to anime
could they even transfer the quality art into an anime without it being cgshit
No thanks. I just want the manga to come back.

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ITT we trigger /a/
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I still don't understand why the mangaka did this. Daikichi didn't even seem happy to be her lover, its like he simply did it to appease her. Such an odd ending that had no build up.
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I think that's why it's hated so much. No proper build up, just a hey this is the ending so fuck you from the mangaka. Kinda like the ending for the Karin manga

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New chapter:

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Disgusting anime/mangafag here.

Should I just go to lemonwater to read the LNs? Seems like he only starts off Arc 3, though.
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>That intrusion


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Why'd did Anno have to turn the best girl of eva into a lesbian? Is this an elaborate plan against otaku to torment?

If it happens, I'll have to switch Tohsaka Rin as my waifu.
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>not a lesbian
Not canon
prove it

Its made by Anno, its canon unfortunately.

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Dangos are for stacking
Nothing to DOZO about.

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This is Mayo, she lives in Akiba and likes Burgers

say something nice about her
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I watched the first episode last week and I chuckled quite a bit. Is the show consistent enough for me to continue?
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It retains it's silliness as of 5 episodes in.
Shit meme voice.

Post masterpieces. Pic related.
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I enjoyed this series way more than I probably should have.
I miss Valkyrie Drive.
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So can anyone tell me if this was ever released?

All I've ever been able to find are announcement articles and promo material. I've never seen an actual video release, or even any articles reporting its cancellation.

There were pre-sale items available, presumably to help fund its production in a time before crowdfunding was a "thing" so maybe it never received the interest Gainax were hoping for and it never came to be.

If anyone has any other info I'd be interested to know more.
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bumping for interest
Well, that's 2 people interested...
What was it supposed to be about?

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This body is a crime.
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A crime against femininity with how unattractive it is
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Hello there homo, I want a word with you
Still definitely would.

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Is she the sexiest retard ever?
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You don't know shit about retards.
Fuck off.

Apparently BreraxRanka is a thing now and they aren't blood related. Ranka dropped the oniichan-chan for Brera-sama.
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They already got married before Sheryl and Alto.
Old news
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>a thing now
Welcome to 9 years ago

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Just checking if edit anon's here to help out. Maybe I'll finish some Imouto. SYD tomorrow.
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Uhh, I guess I'll prepare some Imouto quickly then
I said quickly, but well it wasn't that quick.


Abstract drawing

"Kanami-chan, what're you drawing?"
"An elephant"

"M...Manaka-chan, what're you drawing?"
"What I like to eat"

"You guys are doing this on purpose, huh"
Comic 1
Playing in the snow 1

"What should we play when the snow piles up?"

"I wanna roll some balls"
"Since you're just going to gradually make them bigger"

"I wanna make them hard and make them fly"
"You can't throw everything at their face"

"Ahhhhh I wanna play with the balls now"

Comic 2
Playing in the snow 2

It piled up

"Okay then, let's make an igloo"
"How do we make one?"

"First, when you make a mountain of snow"
"You dig some holes and make them bigger"

"So let's dig some now!!"

>no worlds end harem thread
>not even in archive

>yfw even this little faggot gets more than the fucking MC
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I also apologize for the autistic screencap and not just getting the image like a normal human being.
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>muh childhood friend
It's just boring.
I'm expecting this fag to go full faggot once he finds out teacher was fucking him because he was one of the last guys left.

ITT anime girl soldiers.
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>gender swap
>time travel
>>another Hackoto Shinkai flick featuring a ton of songs with deafening vocals
>"my bloodline possesses supernatural abilities"

Jee, I wonder why this didn't get an Oscar nomination.
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>Gender swap
>Boob grabbing
>Forced Romance

Insta Dropped from oscar

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