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> 3d 1h 47m until next episode airs
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There is no episode this week because of winter sports. It's 10 more days.
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Post here brah.
Too many thread about this.

Are you bullshitting me or give me the source.
Proof or fag

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Kajo 15.jpg
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Why is she so dickable?
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Which one?
Because she is pure
>naked in public

while everybody argue over best year\era in anime i say for me the worst era is from 2000 to 2004 i can't get into anime from this era in particular i don't know maybe the animation do you agree?
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Why don't you try formatting your posts a little so they don't look like you just barfed them up?
Early digital coloring era is pretty fucking bad in most instances(Greed Island Hunter x Hunter OVAs, Saint Seiya The Hades OVAs past the sanctuary). They had a really plastic look because clearly animators weren't used to them

I think some shows still managed to look fine though, for example pic related still holds up better than let's say... Gundam SEED that looks genuinely awful.

But personally there's a lot of later shows that look bad for me, I think that most 2006-10 stuff looks really fucking blurry due to the change from 4:3 to 16:9 with low resolution, and the color palette tends to be really boring and bland, in the cel era they had lots of shading and beautiful backgrounds, explosive colors or maybe dark ones depending on the tone, only in the last 5 years or so I think we're gradually getting that stuff back, it's pretty obvious that most studios still don't know how to use the benefits digital coloring gives you, really they could color it in ways that you wouldn't be able to 20 years ago and add effects that you couldn't back then but in the end they still fail to do it most of the time.
I think HD res really did a lot to save the visual quality of anime and like I said in the last 5 or so years they've gotten a lot better with coloring and shading

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Oh hey, look its Lord of the Rings the anime, except with cute girls and furball.
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So Lodoss with fanservice ?
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>the lotr of X
read the book before saying shit like this
>Cute girls
>MC goes to the dark side
>MC failed to kill the final villain
>Mc isn't overpowered or has plot armor
>Fantasy setting
>Good character designs
>Cute fairy
>Mc only has some shitty sword and not overpowered weapon or some asspull powers
This is a shit season, but this anime is in my top 3 from this season. I'm enjoy watching them on their adventures, trying to ask people to join them, even after they failed.

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No this is Patrick
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>I protect my head. My face hasn't turned into swords yet. It'll be over if I'm hit there.

Ufotable will fuck up again.
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>Kirei means pretty
>Shirou loves shouting his full name
What were they getting at with that?

How come this show is not popular?

Yumechin best girl.
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Because of delayed subs.
I like it. I guess shows need tragedy and shock factor now to gather more audience
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It's a magical girl show that doesn't have a "twist" or do anything edgy. Why would you expect it to be popular?

are we gonna have season 3 in my lifetime? i got into the series in 2014 (i know the original anime is 10 years ago) but i have been waiting since then also what it was /a/ when haruhi was airing?
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>are we gonna have season 3 in my lifetime?
Not by KyoAni.
>also what it was /a/ when haruhi was airing?
Read the novel.
i love KyoAni but this is stupid like WTF haruhi was huge why wouldn't make season 3? if it's the material come on they have enough to make season 3 or heck an ova just to test the water

So since I'm enjoying Kuzu no Honkai so much, I decided to check out other works from the same director. So I started watching White Album 2 and...

Holy shit this has to be one of the most underrated shows ever made. How come it isn't more famous? I've never seen a romance anime executed so flawlessly. It reminded me of Kimagure Orange Road, but exponentially better written. I usually hate romance anime because of all the bullshit contrivancies and shallow characters, but here the love triangle was so believable and the three characters so lovable I really didn't know who to root for. Their friendship felt real to me, in a way rarely seen in other anime, heck, in any form of media in general.

By the end of it I was so engaged that the final episodes left me an emotional wreck, barely able to contain the tears from what I was seeing. I read that the whole show is only half of a larger story, even if the ending seemed pretty conclusive to me. Are there any chances of the second half being adapted anytime soon? And, without spoiling it, do you feel it's as good as the first?
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>enjoying Kuzu no Honkai
Stopped reading right there.
What's the problem with enjoying a show?
Are you so autistic?
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Pillowtalk CD rankings:
Mari >= Kazusa > Setsuna > Koharu >>> Chiaki.

Passowrd: pomf

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>Fuuka is already airing
>Fuuka Reventon still has more mentions on /a/ than Fuuka Akitsuki
>Vivid Strike is still more popular and has more active threads than the Fuuka anime
>Fuuka threads never hit bump limit, even during airing days, but Vivid Strike threads are still very active even though the show has ended
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Because Fuuka is not a very interesting anime.
>caring about hitting bump limit
>caring about Vivid Strike
Why are you comparing the two?
Why are you surprised an adaptation of a shit manga by a shit author isn't as popular as a original story?
What difference does it make?
That's because Vivid Strike threads are kept alive by the power of autistic arguments and image dumpers.
Also, who cares?

Why does this anime feel so awkward? There's something that bugs me that I can't exactly pinpoint.
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It must be that shameless title drop

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In DBZ was it ever possible to wish you were a different race? For instance if Yamaha or Krillin wished they were the same race as Goku or even freza would that even be possible and would it have made them relevant throughout the series?
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In the MMO humans become stronger by wishing for Sayan genes.

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>Proudly shows his mighty boner to the rest of the school.
>Doesn't care that he's actually wearing women's underwear, his manliness can not be contained.
>All the girls in school insult him for it.
No wonder nips are going extinct.
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Cavalry battle finally over?
so I don't really get the gist of it right now since I didn't pay a lot of attention during the battle.

Chiyo and Kiyoshi are still friends? Hana is envious of them or does she hate Kiyoshi now?

really confusing at this point.

Why is this frame so hot?
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You know exactly why
My wife Chino is so cute.
Any frame of my wife Chino is hot.

>browse imageboards
>watch anime
>have figures
She definitely is a 4chan's girl.

Did you read Miki's path? (You sould)
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Are you calling us moe?
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Does she ride a Katana?

She gets bullied by her classmates and trolled online too. She can't catch a break.
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She deserves it
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What'd you say!?
Get off the internet Akko.

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