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>soundtrack by kenji kawai
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>Op by Kana Boon
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>OP by fripside

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Is 14 the ideal?
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Too old

Do we even know how long the units of time are in fantasy australia compared to earth?
I want Megumin to masturbate using my knee.

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What did you do to piss Shinka off this time, anon?
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I came inside her womb, on her dangerous day.
I forgot to pay her protection money.
I questioned the purpose of her hairclip

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>a certain beautiful princess was captured by a demon king, and a hero went out with his party of adventurers to rescue her.
>when he returned successfully, he asked for marriage as his reward... but not with the princess, with her maidservant Aria Milford!
>aria was as shocked as anyone else, since she quite happily considers herself a minor character in this story! The hero is determined to win her hand and her heart, but what will she do about it?
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The hero wishes to marry a girl he barely knows?
It's pretty good, the manga I mean. It's barely gone anywhere from what I remember though. The Maid is really cute.

Why does that remind me of Nagisa's kid, but different looking?

>The hero wishes to marry a girl he barely knows?
There's a whole chapter dedicated to explaining it, something about the way she asked him to save the princess. Not that it matters considering the fact that marrying the princess amounts the same situation.
>Not that it matters
But it does. They are supposed to live together from now on.
>marrying the princess amounts the same situation.
Is marriage obligatory after saving princesses?
Realistically speaking, marrying the princess isn't even an option. Not only are they on the highest rank of nobility and wouldn't really marry anyone of mediocre blue blood (forget about non-nobles - that just will not happen). Their marriages are political 95% of the time. Marrying them off to some nobody on the political map is ridiculous.

Who wrote this?

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problem solving.png
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Why is everyone crying in this?
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because best girl win
It's called True Tears not Legitimate Laughs, anon.

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Why isn't this show getting any love here? I'm only 10 episodes in and besides a couple dragging points, it's generally a fun show so far.
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Because at the point where you are right now, the show is horrible.
The first few episodes were nice and funny. But suddenly everything was darkness and serious with characters that were not designed to be serious.
It's shallow edginess, and it's boring.
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>Best girl is not the MC
Because /a/ only talks about popular shows.

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I'll start
I personally don't like that Cowboy Bebop is episodic with a very light over arching story that is them constantly dealing with their past.
It would've been a lot better with a more liner story. It would've been nice to see all these great characters they had to face built up abit more instead of just trhown into an episode and killed off in the same episode. Anyone else agree?
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i don't like that the main character in trigun doesn't use three guns
Also, why the hell is One Piece so damn long? Just end it already Oda.
shit critique, basically boils down to me no likey this, git gud punk

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I like the mountain lolis
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Then why are you spreading embarrassing pictures of them on the internet?
Isn't that sort of bullying what you would normally do to people you don't like?
Season 3 when?
march 12

Why was this allowed to happen?
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It wasn't that bad. Also, the recent reboot was apparently worse.
They were lewd.
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sad pig.jpg
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Better than PPG 2016

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What does /a/ look for in good producers?
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The closer we can get to Kazuma Kiryu being a producer for idols the better in my opinion.
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The ability to hold down their liquor while out drinking the biggest drinker in the room.

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What are they feeding this child?
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Love juice
loliragon-chan feeds off of headpats and it all goes to her thighs

This is Captain Ayy Lmao. Is he the hero we need? Will he be able to stop the UNINTENTIONAL menace that is Goku? Will he be able to teach Goku the lesson that he desperately needs to learn: settle his monkey-ass down and control his urges to fight? Will he prevail or will he fail?
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This is Bra, princess of all saiyans. Say something nice about her.
u r slot

We all can rely on Monaka to handle that monkey.

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Oh my god.
02巻 *,795 17.02.02
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3Hz flipped when they should have flapped.
More like flip floppers.
mimi was a mistake

Oh no! You're walking down the street when Suzuha blocks your path and asks for your wallet! What do you do?
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Which one?
>implying I have any money
Alpha, then beta

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Why wasn't Saitama chosen for the 12 universe martial arts tournament?
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Because he's from the 13th universe.
He's only the 39th ranked A-class hero. there is 38 heroes stronger than him, not to even speak of the S-class.
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The intention of the tournament is to entertain the Omni-Kings first and foremost. If Saitama entered, the tournament would be so boring every universe in existence would be erased.

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