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[xPearse] Mobile Fighter G Gundam Episodes 01-24 & BD Box 1 Extras [1080p]
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Holy shit! Finally! I was wondering when this would get ripped.
holy shit
fuck YEs

Will she ever wake up?

I mean the translations are going pretty far as of now; but there's still no sign of her regaining her identity.
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Ugly potato.
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I did exactly as you said and went to >>>/reddit/ -- /r/anime specifically. Other than fanart karma whoring, they aren't discussing Re:Zero at all.

Suck it up, Re:Zero is /a/.

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would they be good friends
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Kumiko is a bitch deep inside. No.
They're both gay so why not
Kumiko was a bitch in S2. Only really seemed interested in Reina and not her other friends. Also it seems her only friends are music fags, and I didn't see Mitsuha playing an instrument.

Reminder that although Chinatsu infamously stole Akari's first kiss, Chitose not only kissed on her even more than Chinatsu did, she also destroyed Akari's maidenly innocence by teaching her about holding hands with fingers interlocked.
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Chitose a CUTE
Akari also an adorable
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All yurus a cute and a dorable.
How come my Akari looks different from everyone else's?

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best girl.jpg
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Who is best Best Girl?
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I want to lock Shinji in chastity and make him my wife
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For a girl Shinji sure has good taste (pic related).

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Was she gay?
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well, she said she wasn't
She was Sakakisexual.

Who is your favorite canon gay anime MC?
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None because I've never seen a gay guy in anime.

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Found chapters 52 and 53 of Kono Oto Tomare! translated in Chinese.
Just thought I'd post them since the latest chapter ended with all that koto excitement.

The site where I got the chapters at puts watermarks on pages. I tried removing some with my 10000 hours in Paint skills.
If there's a Zhongguo anon around, a brief translation would be much appreciated. My Chinese level is elementary at best.

Volume 14 is scheduled for release March 3rd.
Until the scanlation anon team gets their hands on the volume and properly edits, translates, etc, here's the chapters to know what you'll expect.
General discussion thread too.
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Starting with chapter 52

I'll want you all ahead of time, that, in the pages where I removed the watermark, it may be horrible. It's my first time really editing a page that much.
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To remind anons of the past chapter, the gang just finished their performance in their bid to try getting into the Nationals. It was wonderful.
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Fuck me Unit 03 is cool. I wish we got some better shots of it. Even in the rebuilds it's non-berserk form is hard to get a good look at. Might pick up a figure or something just so I can admire the design.

What is your favorite Eva model?
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04 was better
01 is the best forever and always

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>Make a great, waifu-tier character
>Kill her off and reveal she was actually waiting to backstab MC the whole show
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Hahaha no.
The way her death scene was drawn out made it lose a few points in my eyes. Like the author suddenly realized there wasn't enough time left so he had her just spray some story beats to fill in gaps.
>she was actually waiting to backstab MC the whole show
That was a lie to get him to not avenge her, which didn't work.

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>design the perfect girl
>draw her totally fucked and off model for about 3/4 of the show
Manglobe deserved it.
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Ergo Proxy is literally Manglobe's worst original show though
>Evanescence is the perfect girl
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>this is an actual thing
surely not

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senpai I'm pregnant.jpg
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How do you react?
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iroha winning.jpg
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They really make a cute couple.
Yuckyno a shit
"she is making fun of me"

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You're walking out the street when you find this girl and she says this to you. How do you react?
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I don't speak chink, fuck off
She called me a lolicon so I hug her.
Ask her how much 10k yen will get me.

/Talpis/ thread. She is not for bullying or lewding

lets try to have at least one Gabriel Dropout thread today that doesn't end in shitposting about the subs
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
Why is Satania so shit? She ruined the whole show.
>not for bullying

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Kuro confirmed winning the Torabowl
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Wait what?

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