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This is Hajime
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My wife Hajime is so sexy.
Hi, Hajime
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Staring at her is just creeping her out, anon. Say something!

Rate this season,anon
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I dropped everything but Maidragon and LWA and Maidragon is the better of the two.
C'mon. Siren ain't that bad....
I mean the first girl was meh... but it's still gooodd no?
Pretty bad.
I usually watch 12-18 shows each season, but this time I watch only 6

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Here is an image of Kallen eating.
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How do you know she's eating and not just biting on that sandwhich to hold it in her mouth?
There's nothing quite as postkill sandwich
Does she run to school with it in her mouth?

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what i learned from anime: girls like cowards
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what i learned from anime: wanting to fuck catgirls doesn't mean i have a beastiality fetish
what i learned from anime: it's totally fine to punch anybody as long as you are a girl,even if it is some random guy i don't know and didn't actually do anything to you
Never trust JC girls offering you beer and classic rock

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Please tell me I'm not the only one who had this autistic criteria of an anime, it means that if this one thing doesn't exist in an anime it wouldn't be watchable no matter critically acclaimed it is.

For me it's one male character.
If there's no male character I interested in, then it wouldn't be watchable for me. He doesn't need to be the MC. There's also some criteria of that one male character.
>Hair color
If he's interesting but got blond or bright hair color, he's auto shit

If he's fucking dating or his love problem is his ultimate conflict, he's also auto shit
Also if he's got special treatment because no reason (that bitch ass MC from akame kill and oda nobuna) he's also auto shit.

Oh, here we go. This is the core of the criteria, if this one interest me, all of the above (except the hair color ones) will be invalid. I can't describe it, but if he's one of the average "eeeeh" LN MC or jerk ass smug pervert "alpha" LN MC he's autoshit.

Post your favorite Male character and I tell you why he's shit
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Not your blog.
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Will Zuramaru surpass her S1 shenanigans? She went from a quiet book-loving girl to a walking meme in the span of one episode.
It's never the future.
The future is defined as that which comes after the current time.
What if the mind is dwelling in the past?

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ITT we discuss pedo-girls.
Is there any more pure form of love?
>Of course not. If you think there is, you're dead wrong.
Are they culprits or hopeless victims of the circumstances?
>Obviously victims, analogous there be no thievery if the temptation of stealing is nonexistent.
Are they treasures whose smiles must be protected?
>Without a shadow of a doubt, must be protected at all cost.
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The issue with pedo girls is they're usually only portrayed as girls to appeal to the Hikki lolicons

As such, they're basically Hikki lolicons in a girls body. No other qualities really change other than they have tits now, which helps to appeal to these people the same way a female harem protag would
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wish I had tits so I too can get away with rubbing my face furiously in a lolis buttocks
Yuri harem needs to be done more. Right now we have what, Shoujo Sect and Doki Doki Precure; it's not enough for such an awesome concept

What kind of animal themed girls are the best? For example this is a cat girl.
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Looks more like a monkey
Just themed or straight up monster girls? Bunny girls for the former, moth girls for the latter.
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This is a pig.

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Is Haruno the superior sister? What do you think of her /a/?
>Good looks
>Bigger tits
>Socially adept
>Loves to tease
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I like flat autism though.

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>tumblr gif
fuck off
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found it here

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Thread for Mikan the best TLR girl.
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Can't that be had in the OTHER TLR orientated thread up at the very moment that also has Mikan in the OP pic, and your OP pic as its second newfag-kun??

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And... Dropped.
How can anyone watch this shit?
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What's your issue?
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It all makes sense now.
>And... Dropped.
You should have said "Aaaaaand dropped" instead

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Are we not doing Yu-Gi-Oh GX storytime after all? I was looking forward to chillin' out with the crew in the schoolyard.
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Is this the Jojo thread?
Was wondering where that faggot went
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Very good chapter.

> “You acted so sure of yourself that time you chose a little girl over your lover and your savior, but that decision of yours is still eating away at you even now, isn’t it?
I like this little part. Araragi feels guilty for his betrayal.

Also interesting details about Shinobu, specialists and Gahara from Nisemonogatari LN. I found it on some old forum
Big version(13 pages) but it's full of stupid lolicon and siscon jokes and not so interesting
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>shinobu selling herself out for a muffin
why am i not surprised

What do you think about Ume-sama?
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It's been 5 years, fuck off with this cunt already.
Are you trying to say that you don't like her?

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