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>Chapter 50
>No sign of Darling

He had already lost a lot of blood and to make things worse, Kyurii returns during full moon.

How will Darling make it out alive, /a/ ?

>pic related
>mfw this is how MonMusu ends

Also, Happy Birthday Polt!
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Maybe during full moons, Vampire-girls crave semen.

Wait, shit, fangs in your dick. Nevermind. Vampire-girls suck.
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>Happy Birthday Polt!
Happy birthday you hirsute menace to mental health.
Today is Polt's birthday and damn, twitter is full of furries

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Why are retards allowed to be this fat
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Even Chiaki says Kana is a genius. She's more capable than you OP.
Kana plays 4D chess nigger. You cannot comprehend her genius. Also she has the best ass among the sisters.

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Shinka is unimpressed
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Ask and you shall receive.

Is this the daily Shinka thread?
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It seems not to be.
What a cunt

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Who was this show for?
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My dick.
literally me
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The whole family.

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sexual harassment.jpg
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>making friends
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I don't see the problem, op.

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Old and busted.
Wonder how Honk's JAV career is going.
I'd rather not, you filthy JAV slut

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apparently this show has been kicking in the guts of every anon except normal fags, you may hate this show but can't ignore it.

>...so who do you hate/ love the most among the characters ?
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>school setting

didn't even touch the first episode
It's the show that will change /a/ forever.
>can't ignore
I'm not even watching it. Well that was easy.

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Chapter is out.
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Eren deep down knows he's wrong, that's why he spergs out at Flocke saying how things are. He won't admit anyone implying he was not the one in the right. That and babying Armin, who just won't grow up because of it.
Armin now looks nothing but an autistic kid, that everyone talks to him like he was 6 years old still.
These two have so much potential. I understand why some people ship it with moments like this.

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Don't think anyone posted yesterday's pages so I'm gonna post them just in case
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What a madman.
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haha dumbass

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Should I rewatch the original since I cannot remember a single fucking thing that happened?
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I mean before watching Hallow.
Decide for yourself.
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>Watching dgm Hallow
Don't do it. Adaptation sucks a lot. Bad drawings & kinda weird plot (thanks to manga, which got worse a lot since the start) make this anime just horrible, especially if you liked s1

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Go home.jpg
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This is how all gaijin characters should be treated.
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Alice was way cuter than Isami though.
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.

it's shit right?
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The last episode was 3/4 footage from earlier ones. Let's hope they manage to make it better than what happened with hallow
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what happened to hallow?

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>common enemy appears
>literally everyone on Earth goes full retard
>guns are useless and the only hope is a few dozens of "good demons" who can beat up people relatively well
>humanity literally extinguishes without fighting a single enemy or using a single nuke, just by arresting and killing millions of guys without any reasonable basic, for 20 years without stopping

Am I supposed to take this shitty edgefest seriously?
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>16 years old is always right about demons and everyone else keeps fucking up again and again
Fuck off, xpearse

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Why do the Japanese have such shit taste in anime?
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lack of a soul
anime taste is directly influenced by penis length

No wonder /a/ has such bad taste too.

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Tearju and Mikado.jpg
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Tearju or Mikado? You can only have one.
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Tearju, easily.
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>TLR Darkness 066
DAT fucking chapter, thank you so much Yabuki and Hasemi. I didn't see much ass though.
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OP Old Man 3.webm
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