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I want Hanabi to light up my life.
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Can you protect that sm...

Can you make her smile and then protect that smile?
I just want Ecchan.

Everytime I watch the OP for Kuzu I think 'Everyone looks okay here but Ecchan looks FUCKING miserable'.

How are you supposed to fill the void that you get after finishing a good show?
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Rewatch another good show you love.
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Practice some math.
With a dick, of course.

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I want this goddess to bleed on me, if you know what I mean~
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Get her on her godly rag and take her virginity. Excellent strategy, senpai.
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What does that mean?
lvl upuuu!

What's your favorite Evangelion design?
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The NERV logo
NGE Evas>>> Rebuild Evas
Eva unit 01 for sure. It has the best color scheme.

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Almost any anime created within the last 10 years would be better if the main character was replaced with Kenshiro.

This is not a brag. This is a simple fact.
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Fuck of moralfag.
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t. Toecutter

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She thinks it's ok to keep in secret everyting about Kaiki but when Araragi didn't tell her about Sodachi she broke up with him.
And of course she will never tell Araragi about her night conversations with Kaiki about colour of her underwear.

She would tell any lie to her lover without hesitation.

And I thought of myself as a crabfag. Shame on me.
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>crabfags are finally becoming self-aware
Kaiki is a cuck anyway
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you stop that

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>Interesting world, neat powers, cool designs
>Shit plot and retarded main cast, motivations boil down to "muh nakama"

Every fucking time. Why can't mangaka have actual writers help them with their series?


>Manga has god-tier art
>Anime looks like shit
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Threads like these.
What's wrong with someone's motivation being the people they care about? That actually makes sense, retarded ideals are far more painful to watch. There's nothing wrong with fighting to protect the individuals you care about. Yeah, it's overplayed, but it just works. I'd argue caring about the individuals you live is actually a higher call than the "greater good" or any of the other often spouted hero crap. You can't save everyone, it's fucking stupid to try. It doesn't even make sense anyway. You have your interests, they have theirs. It's impossible to understand anyone that you don't know personally, or to have a meaningful insight on how they should be treated. You just take care of your own personal interests, and leave the rest to fate.

What I'm saying is, if your motivation isn't your "nakama", you've got some strange interests.

Did you like Yuki more before or after his personality change?
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garbage all around

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What the fuck was his problem?
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God, I loved the style for that show.

Shame that the ending was so forgettable.

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>Autistic man-child spergs out at a random school boy on the other side of a spaceport across a security checkpoint
>Reignites interplanetary war that kills billions of people, allows a bunch of Moon Jews to take over the government, almost lets a Jupiter Sheik gain power and destabilizes the entire Earth Sphere for two decades
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That cooking pot was going to explode, Jerid or not.

In fact, Jerid was quite irrelevant to the whole thing. A scarecrow inside a Titans MS cockpit would have make more of a difference.

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Are you ready for the dumbest anime of the year?
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It's not all dumb, the dog is pretty smart.
Who's the victim of these nefarious plots? Is he interesting at all?
oh fuck this is the p0n0s in vag00 guy isn't he?

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titragon for best waifu and kanna-chan for best daughteru!
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The Aztec goddess.
titdragon for fug
tohru for love

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Just how much do you miss the original Aikatsu idles?
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Enough to want to crowdfund another season.
This is an understatement. I want to cry.
Last thread was not very Love You~

Please remember to be good little girls.

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Chisa has a nice big butt edition
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When will we get to see ioris but violated.
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How is the eventual romance between these two even going to develop? Iori has absolutely no feelings for her at the minute, and Chisa hates his guts.

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