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>being a ningen or vampire faggot
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>being a mexicuck
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end of jjl.gif
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>being a jojobrony

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Best girl is back and she deserves a hug
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
>he's not in the position to judge anyone since he could've done a lot more himself.
He did everything he could. Should've died, even.
>Hope he dies.
Now that's shallow.
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Every hug. And a friend..

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who is best girl and why tsukinose?
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Girls with blue hair are always the best.
Why is Satania so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
I want Raphiel to dominate me

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What anime movie best captures the 80's?
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DYRL or Megazone 23
Crusher Joe
As in, best captures the style of 80s animation? Or best captures the culture/lifestyle of the 80s?

Akira for the first, maybe Patlabor for the second? Hard to find [good] films about normal life.

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What went wrong? Also Katanagatari thread
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Nothing? It was a great show
I believe he was talking about how ALL THE WANIKANI FUCKING DIE
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mfw Pengin was kill

why? LITERALLY did nothing wrong.

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Pick 1
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What would be your reaction?
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Why is no one talking about dangan ronpa 3? Easily amine of summer 2016.
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>Easily amine of summer 2016.
Danganronpa 3 was mediocre at best. Full of plotholes and other shit that straight up just ignores DG2
yeah, clearly this guy must have it confused with the trainwreck of summer 2016
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Danganronpa 3 was trash and destroyed the series.

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Can we get a PaintsChainer thread going?
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tfw a bot paints better than you

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Was jojo better before stands?
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No it was generic garbage.
It was great, but the best stand battles are better than the best hamon battles
Yeah but you can only have generic kung-fu for so long before the series needs something new.

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>finished the main series and the LOGH movies a while back
>thought I was almost done with it
>found out about the two 24 episodes side-stories

I feel like a pirate discovering a chest full of gold.
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Hope you enjoy the Gary Stu Adventures of Reinhard and Kircheis.
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There aren't any gary stus in LOGH
>24 episodes side stories
Shit, didnt know that since most were saying it just alright.

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Spoil me a little bit mangafags, will she ever make an appearance again in the future?
I wanna see more of her.
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I'm not watching the anime but she only appears in two chapters one after the other, so it is likely you've seen all of her involvement to the plot already.
Just read the shit, it's pretty short. she doesn't
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Sad news indeed.

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Why does she look so young?
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Old man sperm tends to have rejuvenating abilities
Stunted growth from living on junk food.
Heeheee CUTE loli!

Yo there's this one doujin I'm looking for, it has a schoolboy who masturbates in the girls bathroom and there's a short girl with messy hair and glasses, it's got a very serious and psychological undertone, short girl ends up blackmailing the guy into masturbating on some popular girls clothes.

Pic unrelated but cute.
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Onani master kurosawa?
nvm found it
That's it, dang son that was fast, luv u bby.

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