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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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we dont need fakes here

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This is a Japanese cyclist
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>This is a Japanese cyclist (male)
>chinese dress
>blonde hair
This is a Japanese teacher on a bike and some friends.

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>dat moment when the viewers felt exactly what taki-kun felt
please tell how it was in the movies ;_;
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Let's get some good tearjerkers in here.

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>unironically crying to forced drama: the anime

For real nigga?
This one got me the first time I watched it, at least.

hey anon. We all have different emotional triggers and I highly enjoyed Anohana for what it was and what it was trying to do. Is that so wrong?

(in short, I am for real nigga)

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>Premiere screening in AX garnered a standing ovation
>Kimi no Na wa becomes a blockbuster hit
>Actually a well paced movie
>Technically impressive in visuals and huge upgrade from his past films
>Satisfying end and memorable protaginists
>Gets screened in many theaters worldwide.
>Blockbuster hit in Hong Kong
>Blockbuster hit in Korea
>9/10 rating from audience
>Becomes the contender for Oscar Nomination

>Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni gets no hype
>Almost screening time and nobody gave a shit
>film releases in few theaters but gets good sales
>Increases theater screening to 100 and gets even more sales
>About to surpass Koe no Katachi's ticket sales
>Director wins awards

>Pre-screening event in Japan got vocal KyoAni twitter fanbase say good things
>Upon proper screening it was just so-so
>Koe no Katachi gets the scraps of Kimi no Na wa audience
>Gets few more screens but fails to get anything and falls off into obscurity
>8.3/10 rating from the audience
>Lost all the meaning because of unrealistic and unnecessary drama
>Lots of disatisfied manga readers
>Pretentious ending
>Overdone faux-cinematography to make it seem "technical" when in fact it barely added anything to the movies narrative
>Said "cinematography" is actually nothing special and could be done easily in a properly budgeted TV anime
>Gets forgotten by people a few weeks after
>Director doesn't get any awards

So now that the dust has setttled. Are you happy with the result?

I sure am. I hope Yamada makes another movie so she could trip and get shit on again.
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Kill yourself.
Did Yamada rape your dog?
At least Yamada is still the best young director.

What went right?

What went wrong?

Was the black haired girl a lesbian or what?
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>Was the black haired girl a lesbian or what?
Nope. See pool boy page.
Sae is a dirty whore.

When are they going to realise we need a second season?
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Never, because we don't need one.
She really didnt have as much porn as I thought she would generate.
Hestia was all it had going for it. I'll be surprised if the spinoff is any good.

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*commits suicide*
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Lurk more.
hello r3ddit
Man she sure loved that cock.

This bitch is a fucking disgrace
Worst girl of the year
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Satania > Vigne > Raph >>>> Gabriel
I'm pretty sure you actually mean best.

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Why does God have nothing better to do than flick his own balls around?
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mai cucked.png
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Trunks traded up
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reminder that goku is not going to be evil. That was kaioken not a new form. Hit will obviously job to ayy. We have seen a point beyond this and know goku and freinsds will be okay. And vados is not thicc, she is rather skinny. And old. And busted

ITT: shit-tier monster/character design
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>best Angel
>shit-tier design

You stop that right now. The best angels are geometrical objects or bizarre abominations.
>a cube
wow such good design
next time you're going to tell me the angel that is basically a ball is god tier
Anon, have you ever seen a cube before?

There's still one thing I don't understand- what did SEELE hope to achieve by sending their pet angel (Kaworu) to NERV HQ to be killed? Why did they retrieve Adam's soul and create Kaworu in the first place?
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Because Kaji was a double agent, they though that Adam's remains were below NERV and hoped to cause Third Impact by bringing Adam back by merging his body and soul, but once Kaworu sees that it's not Adam but Lilith he just gives up and lets Shinji kill him. The real Adam was inside of Gendo's hand which Rei absorbs in EoE.
Different question; Why even live when Kaworu will never exist and/or be my bf?
Kaworu's goal was essentially to kill all of humanity

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Normal 13 year olds are pretty hot
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KLK ended three years ago you cunt

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Is there a sexier mahou shoujo than Nanoha?
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Absolutely not.
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Best Girl is c o n f i r m e d
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>4 threads in the catalog
>retard makes a new one
When was it confirmed?
Just today, a few hours ago.

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