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Why do vampires always have brain problems?
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They're always a little batty
Toxoplasmosis from sucking the blood of cat people
You and I are enemies now.

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>Blue hair

Explain this.
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For a long time, Japan didn't have different words for blue and green.
it's the original design.
Toriyama was tired of the studio faggots getting it wrong so he told them to just make another inconsistency and fix it for super.

Not like inconsistencies are anything new.
he's from a dirty and gritty time, his hair shifts color towards blue when dirty just as black hair shifts color towards yellow on hobos

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I think we can all agree neo-4chan girl is cuter than old 4chan girl.
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Sachiko is obviously cuter than the shitty /s4s/ mascot, yes.
Keksandra > Sachiko > Yotsuba
148 a cute

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Just a question about bleach, if Ichigo's inner Hollow was Zangetsu all along (his real Zanpakuto). Then what does that say about ichigo himself? Isn't the Zanpakuto supposed to be a reflection of the owner or the true nature of his soul?
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Anon it's pretty obvious he is a soulless retard. I don't even think that's a controversial point in the story
Wew lad. You could say that about a lot of bleach though.
Soulless retard? Well the way i understand is that Zangetsu is the manifestation of the quincy powers given to him by Yhwach, while Shiro Ichigo is a manifestation of his shinigami and hollow powers.

One would think that the hollow powers originated from his botched transformation when Urahara cut his soul chain and threw him in the pit. But do you remember previous to that when he fought Renji? it was pretty clear that Shirou Ichigo existed even then.

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Why are girls who are former bullies always so cute and best?
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The girl who got bullied wasn't a much better person considered how she blackmailed the MC in being her bitch
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>girls who are former bullies

You mean gyarus?

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Ask the mods to ban her again
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Ruin her youth by letting her play too many video games and then blame her when she turns out to have no ambition because she's used to being instantly gratified.

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>Yet another addition to Guts' JRPG party

Is this manga turning into a harem or something? Between witches, mermaids and shit I'm not sure what to think of Berserk anymore
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Not really sure who you're trying to bait with content that's over a year old.
did you just catch up?
It's gonna turn into a harem isekai

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We don't need any other shows at the season when we have a Kyoani show.
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Only if you like eating shit.
GodAni shows are the only ones worth watching. They keep making masterpieces.
This and LWA leave me thoroughly t content every week, but I'm thinking of picking up that Deen show too. Is that a mistake?

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Still mad about the ending.

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Why is Shinobu so smug?
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you'd be smug too if you knew you're the best girl
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smug lolis are the best
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I wish there was more manga where the writer stops all the action to talk about the fighters, the world and literally nothing for pages and pages

i love that shit but this and Jojo are the only ones that do it
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Nearly every shonen ever does that
okay granted but they dont do it well. they lack characters worth caring about
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Does Kengan Ashua do this enough for you?

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I am Vigne. I am literally Vigne.

Say something nice about me.
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I want to do unspeakable things to your body
I want to do lewd things to you.
Semen demon

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Wtf is this thing, anons?
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A picture from an anime called K-on depicting a data storage device known as a cassette tape.
It doesn't really look like anything at all.
Save icon

New opening and ending in April. I was really hoping the Silver Soul arc wouldn't be animated so damn soon. Judging by the OP title, they aren't adapting the skipped arcs. Shit.
Oh well, I'm still hyped for this Silver Soul arc greatness.
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I can't say no to more Gintama.
There are 3 option
-Is a Yorinuki and they going to show some episodes that have all the important characters of the final arc, maybe this going to be between 1-2 courts.
-Is the final Arc, they going to adapt the rest of the chapters and Gorilla sensei its going to give a general idea to how to end the series
-Its a mix of the previous ideas (Like that season where the half of the episodes are of previous season)
the anime is now 45 chapters behind the manga

don't know how will they pull off another 12 episodes

unless they adapt like 1 chapter per episodes and end in the middle of an arc?

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