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Season 4 announced. Original director from when the show was actually good. Anyone going to watch?

Pretty pissed theres really only 6 new episodes though...
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I guess it's going to be more story focused if it's only 6 which is kind of disappointing
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The world already has 78 episodes of Jigoku Shoujo. Does it really need 26 more?

I say, yes.
>6 episodes
Literally why?

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Killing Bites just got an anime, and going by the official website, it's Madhouse the studio in charge.

AotS incoming.
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Funny because all of these UPDATES NEVER.
What happened with the updates and the supposed game?
madhouse is shit tho

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Waifu abuse. Is it wrong?
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yes. this image makes me fill sick inside
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Waifus need to be abused or they'll become THIS.
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Better fapping to Ryona than applying it to real life

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Was the 90's the golden era for japanese cartoons?
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Pic unrelated?
No. 2005-2006-2007 were the golden years.
It is now.

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Would Saint Young Men be as popular as Dragonshit if a female goddess/prophet was in the show?
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give jesus and buddha some big fat holy tiddy's and it would've been a hit here
Saint Young Men would be as popular as Maid Dragon if it was currently airing.
it woulda been popular if it had been good.
There was so much they could've done with this concept.

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These obnoxious little shits. Especially the Asian kid by the end of the series. I know they're important for Eureka's character development but I fucking hate them so goddamn much. I also really struggled to like Holland, he was such a bully to Renton for no real reason. Actually there was one reason but it basically amounted to
>muh underage waifu
Dewey should have won
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He may not have won, but he was right
You're supposed to hate them.
They're bratty, little shits like actual kids and, like actual kids with single mothers, serve as a very annoying shield you have to get past to get to the real reward of their fine ass mom.

Holland however is just a salty shit who has no right to be as much of a shit as he is.

Annoying bitch that didn't deserve main character in the first place

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Has an anime ever caused you to cry?
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in chuu2 i cried when rikka was on the beach witnessing the horizon lights and associating it with her dad because at the time id also just lost my dad and it pulled too many of my heart strings

i also cried when nibutani gave sanae that hug and said i know it hurts. that was too much feel for me.
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340 raws are out:
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Which Gabriel would you like to dropout?
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Satania obviously
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Satania obviously
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Satania obviously

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How does /a/ feel about this cute half-elf?
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Explosive cuteness.
She won the Subarubowl twice already. And I like that
Inferior to the cute oni girl

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*Blocks your red text*
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Well, hello there.
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Go away old hag
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*Fucks Bern*

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What is the worst mainstream anime ever created in your opinion? I was in doubt between SAO and Fairy tail, but SAO had at least a good first episode while Fairy Tail was utter shit since day 1.
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Lucky Star.
As much shit as I give SAO, most of the episodes in the first game were above average and it had good fight animation.

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What is she so smug about /a/?
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She sucked her first cock.
She finna get steak
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Is there a batch torrent for Sharp anywhere, nyaa doesn't seem to have it and the sub group site is gone.

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Remember when anime was good?
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anime was never good.
You clearly don't.
Remember when anime was good?

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I love Kyoukai.
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you can keep her
yotanwa is the best girl of this series by a mile
no contest
Cool dude
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Reminder that she is a lewd woman

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