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One vote to Sylphy
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One billion votes for Mirai.
A lot of good characters have come out from KinoAni but I love Kumiko the most.
Sylphy 1
Mirai 1B
Kumiko 1
As it stands>>154100168

Let's play an associative game. Without describing any anime in particular, give a short, vague/broad setting in 5 words or less.

"Small town, hot summer nights"

Reply to the post above yours by going to google images and posting the fifth result of the first anime that pops into your head when reading the person's setting above you.
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I fucking despise Megumin.

Thats my only hint.
>I fucking despise Megumin.
I'm bumping this thread so everyone can see how shitty your taste is.

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>you will never watch re zero for the first time again
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Exactly why aren't they doing a season 2 right now?
Watch it a second time. Problem solve.
Thank god I regret taking as long to drop it as I did as is

Why does Toradora get so much hate on /a/? It's old as fuck (I was 10 during Fall 2008), and you guys usually have your nostalgia goggles strapped on tight.
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I enjoy it. Are you happy now?
because it's not good
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No, because your post is rude.

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I'd have ripped it up too. Aqua's cult is fucking annoying.
It's worse when you know what she's really like.

Think Eris cult are all like Darkness? I'm not a manga reader, so I don't know. I'd find a bunch of masochists more tolerable... probably.

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Do you like shojo anon?
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>he doesn't read neither shoujo nor josei
What a faggot
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We're all little girls here.
I feel like all I've been reading lately is shoujo

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ITT: We post our daughterus
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Your daughteru would trade a blowjob for half a sandwich
Why? So the shitbags on this board can sexualize her?

I will never endanger my daughter.

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What does /a/ think of Psycho Pass?
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Too gory for me.
First season was really fun, second season wasn't really fun. Didn't watch the movie yet.

kinda loses it's luster once you realize that sybil is just a glorified caste system.

Cro high never gets old. What's your favorite episode? Mine has got to be the one where Freddy steals Poo-tan's job. It had it all.
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The one with the song Mechazawa hums but I can't put my finger on it.

It goes like this:
Hmm hmm hm hm hm hmmm hmmm hm hm hm hm hmmmm
Taxi one stills ranks as my favorite, with the class flight one second. Especially with every fucking vehicle in the show drifting when it can
Baseball episode.

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>childhood friend
>former tomboy
>likeable form of tsundere that comes across as an aggressive dere
>big boobs, but not ridiculous ones
>actually had a decent chance of winning despite being second girl
>series is dead forever
Damn you, Japanese cold.
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Why you gotta make me want to read something only to tell me it's dead.
You should read it anyways, it's horrifically generic but everything is done so well that you don't care.
>(828d ago)
Life isn't fair. Such a fun series.

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You can either marry Luna or die staying loyal to San. What do?
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Nothing against San, but I prefer Lunar.
Marry Masa-san.
Marry San.

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Will he care when his gets erased, will he stop smiling?
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Where to read the manga
>his gets
his universe gets

don't post in this thread


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Are there any modern anime that retains 90s aesthetics?
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Gundam Unicorn
I thought Mysterious Girlfriend X looked like it was in the wrong decade.
Have to second this, it's what reeled me in. Too bad it was shit

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>"the more you guys fight, the better friends you are!"
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Who are you quoting?
De geso~
>when your mates all shit on you but they beat the shit out of everyone who isn't your mate and shits on you
It makes sense

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this is how Americans are viewed by the japanese.
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They're still bitter about becoming a vassal state.

They'll grow out of it. Eventually.
I loved that

It was so stupidly over the top
Haha, that's exactly what I was thinking of when I read your post

To be honest, it's a better depiction than how people around the rest of the world view them

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