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What would you do to make it better?
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Not cut all the crucial internal monologue.
Fade to black instead of dolphins.
Get rid of the rhino-faces.
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Make Sakura the main heroine and have Shirou realize how retarded trying to be a superhero is.

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Probably four months until anime changes forever.
You can't withstand this goodness.
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It airs next season? Alongside:
>SnK S2
>Hero Academia S2
>Kekkai Sensen S2
>Shingeki no Bahamut S2
>Saekano S2
>Uchouten Kazoku S2
>Granblue Fantasy

Hoo boy. Good luck getting anyone paying attention to it.
Of course no. Which word in "probably four months" sentence you didn't understand?
Is this yuri? I hope this is yuri. Kyoani please.

Was it really THAT bad? It was at least easily better than Kill la Kill
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>It was at least easily better than Kill la Kill
We can give it that at least.
The fact the singer in the OP died of brain cancer is more memorable than anything that happens in the plot of the actual show.
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This is the best thing that has ever happened to anime.
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Welp time to pick up this series.
>they made a reference to some obese american
wow, it's literally nothing

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What if Love Lab was yuri? Wouldn't that make more sense?
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Probably it works as a yuri series.
What if OP checked the catalog? Wouldn't that make more sense?
>Wouldn't that make more sense?

Yes but the mainstream are a bunch of dirty hetfags who can't handle the purest form of love.

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Shinka decides whether you live or you die
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Shinka is the one who knocks.
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I dont understand. Can you play those cards?
We all know what it does Yugi

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why is the busty blonde always the best girl, but the least popular with fans?
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Not always the case. Your example doesn't work because those are extremely minor characters.
name one anime where the busty blonde is clearly the most popular

Is there anything Kanna wouldn't eat
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your dick
My ass

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She is not Quetzalcoatl, HE is!
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Quetzalcoatl plz
Who cares, after this anime he will be a she because of boobs.
Not if the Mexican Amerindians have anything to say about it.

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One night after you get home from work you hear your doorbell ring and open it to find this lewd dragon who wants to move in and /ss/.

What do you do?

>inb4 you're not a shota, Quetzalcoatl has been around for more than a thousand years, we're all shotas to her.
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What do you think about Lucoa boobs?
hey do you smoke weed
Who the hell wouldn't want to room up with an Aztec god?
/co/ shit following
Just look at the wonders it did for Kaine Parker when he started living with Huitzilopochtli, from grumpy solo asshole murderer NEET to leader of a B-list super-team getting drunk with Thor.
SO yes, yes I would let her move in. It can only improve my life.

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Does anyone else think that this guy is a total donkey and is way too up his own ego?
I like people like ZUN and Hideaki Anno because they know they're just average people and are even modest with their work
Miyazaki simply looks down on other content creators in Japan and critizes every little detail of something that makes it different than his own work
He doesn't respect artistic freedom and limits himself to his own ideas which is why every movie he has made has been the exact same
He offers nothing new to the industry
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Pretty sure your confusing the meme version of Miyazaki with the real version.
this dude was making fucking anime before you were born, he was the founders and the original anime creators, he knows the industry in and out and completely understands the art and communicates his ideas clearly. Its not a blob moe cashgrab he tells stories.

tl;dr Fuck off retard
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Why does he trigger you so much?
Miyazaki literally inspired an entire generation of directors, including Anno. You need to chill out OP.

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So when will there be a remake more accurate to the books? 26 episodes covering novel 1-4 Hopefully KyoAni doesn't touch it.
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The author already accepted their work as inferior
It wouldve been great if they established Kumiko being inspired by Asuka's dad from the start.

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>homuncunli are just generic bad guys created by the main bad guy instead of twisted beings that give more depth to the concept of human transmutations

Fucking dropped. Whoever says this is better than FMA 2003 should be forbidden to give their opinion on anything.
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>pic related was the header when I opened this thread

The manga versions of some of the Homunculi are better, to be honest. I don't even remember what Bradley was like in 2003, but he was much more memorable in Brotherhood.

Lust and Sloth were definitely better in 2003, though.
>muh Bones fanfiction
Congratulations on missing the point of the story.
Only Lust, Sloth and Wrath were better. Everyone else was the same or better.

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Summary of the Chapter:
>Jinbe loves the mafiacock
>Bege is a legit autist
>Carrot is nakama
Robin when?
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>robin likes cute things
zorobin confirmed
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>3 one piece threads
Can you just wait a bit?
>SanjixNami chapter
Nami will marry Sanji

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