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>Season 3

Whatever that makes you sleep at night anon
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>Maid Dragon
Iruru never ever
It's not like they're spending much money on the animation and autistic faggots are still eating it up so why not keep churning the shit out. It's like one of the anime versions of Neptunia games.
stop with the false flag right now

When were you when Noelle was kill?
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That has to be an illusion. A main character can't die.
- Cat jumps on Asta
- Asta cuts off Noelle's head, but it soon appears he didn't (we proceed to watch her be killed a couple of times) but she lives
- The WQ is confused about what's going on, then makes Asta kill Finral; only for the same result we got from Noelle
- WQ orders focuses on the cat, it appears to be fine even after being hit with anti-magic
- The cat lands on Asta, causing him to hit himself on the forehead; dispelling the control
- WQ choses to manipulate Vanessa, she goes to attack(?) But the cat lands on her - doing the same thing it did for Noelle and Finral; changing fate
- WQ falls to her knees im defeat, Vanesza proceeds to explain that her magic only works on those she has bonds with; claiming she shares no bond with the WQ.


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what anime series gave you a boner that changed your way of life?
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To Love-Ru obviously
Both of these.
Boku no pico

I loved this story arc fuck you
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what the hell is this?
this is gantz right? i don't even remember this happening.

Why is this OP so fucking good? How is this OP so fucking good?

Also: post good animu OPs
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I can't tell if its because I've been watching these episodes drunk or not but I don't remember dragon to the right of Fafnir, has she shown up yet?
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literally every jojo OP is good

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What new nickname will he earn in S3?
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You forgot Drugzaku.
>Literally whozaku

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Dindu nuffin.png
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I fucking love how they are trying to make me feel bad for these abominations, it's just adorable how they try to make it that both sides are equally as bad.
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Have not fear comrade, capitalist pigs will getting what coming to them
One side doesn't have a cute eternal vampire loli though.
Fuck the fucking priest and the vampire loli shit.

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Hey, I'm the guy who posted about being new to berserk a few days ago, and I wondered about how life for guts could get any worse. Well, I'm now fully caught up. Pic related.

Any guesses on what's going to happen in the dream diving stuff?

Also, that bitchslap to faggith was absolutely amazing.
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I think the author is surrounding Guts with magic users because that seems to be the only way Guts can hope to oppose the godhand and Falconia is just another eclipse waiting to happen.
Casca won't be able to cope with confronting what happened to her and will try to kill herself or she'll be upset with Guts in some manner and the party will split into two groups. They'll split and then later meet again. It'll make it especially difficult for Guts to control the Berserker armor, and he'll almost be lost to it. Through this, we'll get insight into what happened to Skull Knight.
Schierke and Farnese will see the Eclipse and possibly Guts almost-rape Casca. She will recover her mind but she will be a completely different character which was hinted at by some obvious dialogue in the chapters before it.

After that it's all a slow burn until Guts reunites with Rickert and all of the allies from previous arcs at the home of the Bakiraka.

Then I'm sure it will be focused on taking down the Neo-Band of the Hawk in Falconia, eventually leading to Griffith and the God Hand.

Basically after Casca gets healed all the pieces will fall into place to lead into the final arc with Guts basically having a band of his own.

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Left or right, /a/?
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Who is the girl on the right and why does she look like she's straight out of Infinite Stratos

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why are loli so vertobem
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>vert obem
Who's that?
3 AM keeps coming earlier every night.
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sad rustler.jpg
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dont remind me

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yall really need to stop lewding kemono friends. Like goddamn it's a fucking kid's show man. It's educational. I'm learning about new animals every week. I had no idea what an axis deer or shoebill was. This shit is zooboomaffoo for japan. Seeing a shoebill friend with cum on her face isn't that erotic, it's fucking weird just because it's a kids show. Would you like to see one of the puppets from "Between The Lions" in a bukkake session? I wouldn't, anyways. I don't know what you people find appealing in the character anyways, shoebill friend is a small character that says fuck all because of the show's budget. the comments about the CGI are shit too. ??'? ? ??????? ???? ????, get over it. (pic related is a real shoebill)
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I wanna FUCK that shoebill
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It's not a kids' show. Not that it matters, given that plenty of kids' shows are pretty lewd, and even the ones that aren't often get porn.

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M Girl > M Boy > S Girl > S Boy.

S a shit.
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>S a shit
>posts a Mio image

What did he mean by this?
this show was such trash
Cutest design wasted on S bullshit.

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Only the saddest ones
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A new chapter of Uramikoi is out.
Best girl isn't in it, sadly.
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Oh fuck it's a Mary Sue chapter. I hate rat imouto so much.
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Dunno what you're talking about, there was plenty of best girl.
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Which manga would /a/ like to watch as anime at first?
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I love the Parasyte guy doing Historie but Vinland Saga has better art and proabably plot too.
>better art
>probably plot too
What, so you haven't read it? Historie's plot is much better, Vinland's going nowhere right now.
Vinland Saga hasn't been going more somewhere than it is now since before the timeskip

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