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Barusa Mikosu
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God damn it, I heard it just by having my eyes flash over the image in the catalog.
I think I'm broken.
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YHIYL thread?

Is Sachiko the official 4chan Goddess?
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No but she is the Goddess of my dick with that sexy belly made for tickling inside the belly button.
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What do you mean no, she's literally on the front page.
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Not my Goddess

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What's your honest opinion about this manga
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Reading it with /a/ is still one of my best memories.
It was a good read.Possibly the most realistic romance manga ever. Very relatable.
>Just be yourself and become a normalfag,bro.

Isn't this pretty much Toradora but with lots of sex?
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Is toradora the only non-harem romance anime you've seen?
Don't compare this piece of shit to Toradora.

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>take the definitive cyberpunk movie
>give it to Hollywood
>we steampunk now

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Cyberpunk, now with 100% more gears
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Did I hear "Yotsuba thread"?
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>Onihei - 08 (Amazon).mkv
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So it's time
Best show this season. No contest.

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Anime/manga where there are two best girls.
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I recognize Ryuko there on the left but who's right?
It's true, Esdese and cat tats were great

Wait, what? Can someone explain the ending to me? I get it that the robot and the girl in the other world was Ushio and Tomoya. It looked like Tomoya went back in time but how? I'm so confused.
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Nagisa dies, except she doesn't
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I haven't watched or played CLANNAD in like 8 years so bear with me here but IIRC the anime was kind of vague on this point and didn't explain this at all but the general idea is the same as the game. From what I remember from the game, Tomoya gathered these special light orbs by doing all the routes for the characters and after you gather all of them a wish is granted and I think Tomoya used his wish to create a miracle and revive Nagisa.

Take this with a grain a salt because it's been so long but this is the general idea. The anime does not make this clear at all, it's just shown with imagery from what I remember. The light orbs do appear in the anime though IIRC, they're just never elaborated on.
it's the magic you get when you save high school girls

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Why do anime studios tease yuri so much?
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Because it's fun to laugh at /u/-shits.
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Bait morons thinking something might happen when nothing will actually ever happen.
Yuri is never taken seriously there. It's like purityfags.

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>MC is a salaryman
>gets reincarnated as an employee of a rival company
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Things that have never happened thread?
>blonde tsun twintail character
>not the worst character in the show
... what year is this?
Intelligent Sataniaposter

This is a thread for top tier mages with high INT.

Low INT goddesses need not apply
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Obviously non-canon. Her ass isn't a pancake there.

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Is one-piece swimsuit the pinnacle of humanity's fetish costume?
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Apparently not. That's a leotard.
Yes but it looks like shit on cowtits.
I think the most erotic thing would be a one-piece made of hair.

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Literally did nothing wrong
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He lost to a loser.
Japs are betas and would be upset if their self-insert was beaten
Are you fucking retarded?

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Don't mind me, just here being the best ending theme in HxH and probably in all of anime.

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Let me hear is the best one.


Without knowing what's actually being said, it was always either a really good hype song for the next episode or a really good sad song if something bad happened to the main cast/ants.

At least, that was how it was for me. As such, it great improved my enjoyment of the last portion of that arc.
> probably in all of anime
You fucking what?

Walkure Album's "Walkure Attack" won the Japan Gold Disc Award 2017 in "Animation Album Of The Year"


Think we'll get more albums in the future?
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They need to make more original songs and stop with the remixes and solos of previous songs. Mikumo's singer has literally never had a good solo.
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What a time to be alive
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Why is Freyja so perfect?

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