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fags get out
Hetplebs confirmed the minority! How will they ever recover?
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If you like yuri, you're a cuck. You'd rather watch two girls kiss rather than self-insert into a guy that fucks girls.

Cute wife Chino
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Classy wife Megumi
Energetic wife Maya
Is that anons wife Chino?

>tfw They actually did it
Bones actually attempted to fix some of the issues with AO.
It took them 5 years, but it happened we got a new final episode.
Has this ever happened to any anime before?
And I don't mean like EoE because that was basically the same thing, this literally rewrote AO's ending.
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>implying I'll ever want to get back on board with this convoluted pile of shit

It's too late Bones, the bridge has been burned.
Ending on an ugly crying face is not an improvement. Also, doesn't everyone still have no idea who he is cause he erased himself from exsistance?

The only way they could fix this fucking shoe is retcon it from exsistance too.
>Also, doesn't everyone still have no idea who he is cause he erased himself from exsistance?
we don't have subs, but from what I got they still know who Ao is somehow.
I guess it has something to do with love and shit.

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season 2 was garbage. It was sol garbage. Instead of telling a story, it was just a group of kids wandering around doing nothing. It's doubly bad because of how good the first season was.
The first season had it's flaws too. Like destroying those 2 merchant guild leaders, and they are happy? they got millions riped off and they didn't get angry or anything WTF. He gave the recipe for FREE to everyone.
I'm not saying it was flawless, but it was enjoyable to watch.

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me on the right.png
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Left or right?
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Left's glasses
Right's cunny
Right cause immortal loli

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Now that trendfags moved on to other "waifus", can we agree this anime was pure garbage?
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It was garbage all right, but the girls were great. Wish it were gayer though, and less of a motorcycle ad, and more of a homosexuality ad.
Why would I agree that a good series was garbage?
i liked it. too bad the art couldn't keep up

As we all know, Kyoani never fail, but Maidragon this season isn't going well. (I mean, not so well for Kyoani standards, it's still better than any other show this season of course).
What Kyoani should do? Maybe they need to stop adapting works from talentless hacks and go back to their own masterpieces like they did at old good times, 4-5 years ago.
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How is Maid Dragon failing?
no zelda spoilers please
>meme dragon
>not failing


>starts off nice because Oka isn't considered a threat, so she makes herself feel better by being nice to her
>as soon as it turns out that Oka's a threat, she turns turbo-bitch and tries to get her to quit tennis so she can retain her throne as queen of tennis
>barely wins the grand championship due to a fluke on her opponent's part

Is she like the second-worst character in the show?
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She's kind of a cunt but she gets better.
Who is the first?

Ootawa, the one-dimensional bitch.


I heard that everyone gets better after the first half, I'm just struggling to continue the series.

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New chapter is out.

Rat imouto is a badass in this chapter.
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Just started watching Tiger Mask W Because i'm all caught up with everything else this season and I'm currently on ep.5.I've never been into wrestling,but with the recent resurgence of WWE in the US and NJPW I decided to check it out.

TOEI animation could be better,and it's written by amateurs,but the matches themselves,coupled with the music is pretty fuckin' exciting.

is /a/ watching this as well?
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Serious episodes are great. The old style animation is fun to watch. An idol episode is crap. That's all I can say since you are on ep 5 and everything else is going to be spoilers. It's a fun ride. Enjoy.

Friendly reminder: /a/ doesn't like this at all, sadly.
im really into wrestling and this show is hilariously bizarre. i like the main plot and serious episodes and the goofy filler is hilarious to me bc of all the real wrestlers doing light anime comedy cliches.

bullet club fucking with makabe by eating all the sweets only to get sick is ****3/4 psychology.
Miss X's tits alone make it watchable.

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Find a flaw.
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Not bullied enough
Can I get a protip?
What's this protip thing about?

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>mfw best girl is killed off

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This is worse than Mami Tomoe honestly.
>Implying you wouldn't fuck her hard.

She does, in fact, have a vagina.

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Why are you guys so much more virulent talking about anime compared to your 2ch counterpart? This medium isn't targeted towards you, and you don't pay for anime either.
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Are you serious? We're pacifist hippies compared to 2ch.
Because 2ch are a bunch of simple minded baboons who only like anime with cute girls and no substance.
Because 2ch is not the Japanese 4chan equivalent, newfag.

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What the fuck, why did he break the egg?
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Because he's on a mission from God.
There's no way to tell, but one possible interpretation is that the creature inside was something dangerous, unbeknownst to the girl.
The movie is an allegory for Christian faith. The girl has blind faith in the egg. The man breaks the egg because he doesn't have faith in it, and wishes to see whats inside for himself.

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Why do anime backgrounds these days look like Instagram inspirational quotes?
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Because making backgrounds using matte painting techniques has become much easier with computers.

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Next time just start a backgrounds thread instead of shitposting.
owari no seraph? holy shit i never really paid much attention to the backgrounds, this is neat

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