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Too flat of a character.

Kinda the point, but still.
Pen Pen best girl
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what ?
Nope, open end.

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What's the term for really well-done animation again?

It's usually referenced only to fight scenes/shots with a lot of movement
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Fluid? Clear? Dynamic? Impactful? be more specific.
What the fuck are you trying to get at?

She used to be such a sweetheart, what happened?
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She married a man because he patted her pusspuss, now he's too busy training to make a living for himself.
She outgrew that outfit
She married Goku.

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This fucking shit came out last November.

There are still no subs. Not even a raw of episode 1.

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1 was already subbed and raws of 2 are up
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just google its name

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Is this actually good? How many episodes does one need to get through for it to get good?
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Death Note is one of those anime you find very good when you're a teenager, but otherwise find dumb. Like Toradora.
It's half a good anime.
It's a masterpiece, all 25 episodes are fantastic and it gets good in the very first episode

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How do I become cool like Mr. Kaji, so cool that everyone that meets me more than a couple times goes from "this guy's an asshole" to "this is the best/coolest/smoothest/sexiest guy I've met"
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Stop coming here would be a start
Say what you think basically
it would also help to be intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor
How can you become the coolest guy if we're all little girls?

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Remember when this show was just about an office lady and her cute dragon meido? Then all these other annoying characters came in and ruined everything and stole all the screentime. I'm tired of seeing the same shotacon joke every time with the fat Mexican bitch, and the 'haha she ate something!' joke with the loli.
Why make the title characters fade into the background? It's not fair. I just want to see them be cute together and see their relationship grow.
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>wah why can't I get my delusional made up yuri relationship fuck you!!!
Suck my ass dude, all the characters are great.

>delusional made up yuri

Light please
But kanna is the best part of the show

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Amazume Ryuta crossdressing manga
Translated by mysterymeat3
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Is the manga ending?
I haven't heard anything about it ending
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So what's the deal with this movie? Why does MAL think its the best anime thing out there? Since it ranks at #1 with over 60% of ratings giving it a 10/10

I watched it yesterday and thought it was a solid 8/10. It was really pretty, with clearly a big budget behind it. But I struggle why this particular movie is seemingly hailed as the masterpiece of all masterpieces.

Enlighten me /a/
in b4 >MAL
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Because the first 60 minutes are 9.5/10. Thats however when the average normie stop to properly watch a movie so he doesnt notice that the second half is like 5-6/10. Kimi no na wa is a movie for the heart, not for the brain. Thats precisely why its so highly rated among these people.
I kind of started to zone out in the second half at times. The first half was definitely the superior part.

I guess I just don't have much of a heart to appreciate it.
Normies watch so much crap that when they finally find something half decent they think it's the best thing in the world.

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Because Nasu needs money.
Please understand.
Because you, and many others like you, touch themselves at night.

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/a/ sings Gabriel Dropout OP

We're doing an /a/ sings of the TV version of Gabriel Dropout OP, I'll be taking submissions for the next 3 weeks until March 22. I'll extend the deadline we don't get enough submissions or if you guys need the extension for whatever reason. The mumbling parts of the song at the beginning and near the end will be difficult, but just do your best for those parts or even improvise if you want. Leave any questions you may have either here or through the e-mail.

Send your submissions to: [email protected]
Video of song for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTtJZ29j26Y
Download link for OP: https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=887718
Lyrics (lyrics are for the full version, but we're doing the TV version which ends at "datte tenshi desu mono!": http://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/gabriel-dropout-theme-songs/gabriel-drop-kick/
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I knew something like that would be the first post.
A bit difficult but I'll try.

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Isn't it sad, that besides Naruto becoming a shithole it is the only anime that can remeber the name of every character and care for all of them?
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you what now

Naruto has a very strong secondary cast. Everyone loves Kakashi, Rock Lee, Shikamaru, Jiraya, Hinata, etc.

Sasuke and Sakura are the worst characters in the show.
The side characters are nice enough, even if Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura themselves are terrible.
Also watch better anime you shit.

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Is there any appeal to this beyond "lol so randum"?
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It looks good?
It's cute and comfy.
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It only appears random to you because you lack the brain capacity to truly understand it.

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