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is Noriko the most intense MC in the history of the medium?
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She is moeblob
>literally just a collaborative homage to hot blooded protagonists of superior works before it
In other words, no.
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Not at all. It's been a long time since I've seen GB, but does she even do anything for the first few episodes? I barely remember anything happening.

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Alright you fags - it's time to decide who is best KyoAni girl. Since the KyoAni character sorter doesn't exist anymore, use this http://www.students.oamk.fi/~t3kyph00/CustomSorter/sorter.html and paste fuHkc in the box. Post your top ~10 and I'll make a strawpoll with the ~10 most common characters once thread hits bump limit and/or archives.
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Midori (Tamako Market)
Forgot mine

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Why are his works enjoyed exclusively by third world subhumans?
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>be italian
>be a child in the 80s
>still had time for running in the 90s
>watch whichever mecha robot anime
>adolescence kicks in
>forget completely about them
>be busy watching Hokuto no Ken
>all of mine wtf
>Neo Genesis happens
>Friends overhype it
>Watch it
>it's shit
>Friends are struck with nostalgia
>Let's watch Getter cause new movie is out
>it's actually shit
>they don't understand my problem
>me neither cause it's the same episode over and over
>Watch Yatterman
>still fun to watch
>Watch Daitarn
>it's shit
>was I stupid when I was a child or just ignorant?
>or maybe both?
>Watch Mazinger
>nope out

Italians love his shit,I don't and thanks to him and Evangelion everything with robots goes straight in my not interested list,can't even watch Gundam or Macross but somehow I can watch FMP and CG cause reasons.

Can't be helped.
You're a massive faggot either way, but everyone knows that for Nagai you always read the manga, since the anime series are watered down versions that hold up terribly.
Go Nagai has been blessed by God.

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what ever happens to these two? in my head canon she becomes a mangaka and he becomes her editor
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After High school they break up and never talk to each other ever again
Rika is unable to find a steady boyfriend and becomes a slut until she eventually decides to kill herself
Yuta lives a normal life and steps out of the chuuni life for good.
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why do you try to hurt me?
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This happens.

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gween tee
green tea

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Yuno's stalking you
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Why did she kill Akise?
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I'm sorry, I already have a stalker

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What was the first great anime?

I say it's Ashita No Joe - 1970.

That or Rose Of Versailles.
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Most of anime in the 70s were masterpieces. Now the industry is shit.
That's as may be, but I quite like Naruto.
Mobile Suit Gundam

With the fantasy anime genre evidently dead and likely never coming back, what was the apex of its decade-long golden age?
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Pic not related, I hope.

Isekai exists
Isekai is SHIT though

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>Another Shuzo Oshimi work
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First of all
But is it going to be incest?
First of all
But is it going to be shit?
>first chapter
>literally nothing happends
Still, there is something creepy about it.

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This is your daughter tonight
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I'm going to buy a fan then.
Any allergies I should know about?

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Exalt me more!
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Learn how to take a fucking screenshot, idiot.
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aqua cry.jpg
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Fuck off Aqua...

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What was /a/'s initial reaction to Hajime?
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A bit ugly and fat, but I know she's a nice girl.

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Which series is better, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure or Hunter x Hunter?
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Jojo because the fun times last longer.
hxh is way smarter and better written. jojo is just dumb fun but shit gets old bc they do the same thing over and over again. hxh is the superior show. anyone who disagrees is either delusinal or riding on the current hypetrain and n33ds 2 get out
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I think Hunter x Hunter had the better premise, with the powers and how people fought were well done. But it'll probably never be finished and the power levels were jumping way too fast.

Jojo however is funnier, actually has an ending, and is still going strong with alot more material that needs to be animated.

>Jojo part 4
>Chimera Ant Arc/York New City Arc
>Jojo part 3
>Jojo part 2
>Jojo part 1
>Rest of Hunter x Hunter

I am a fan of Toki.
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I like her design.

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Why can't normalfags into mecha?
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People seriously liked Aldnoah?
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Because they're brain damaged humans.
For the same reason most people wouldn't be interested in an anime about train schedules.

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