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How do you go from an anime about ninja to muh eyes show contests anime?
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>Being this new to anime/manga and not knowing that battle shonen going crazy after a timeskip isn't exclusive to Naruto.
You forgot that after 'much eyes', there been 'muh giant NOT!mecha'.
Naruto was NEVER just about ninjas, the first thing you see is a giant fox demon being put into a child. I think anyone that thought Naruto was going to be about ninjas and ninja like tactics is a fool.

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I want to suffocate in Wiz's weapons of mass destruction
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Why don't they hire her (or yunyun) for their quests? Both look like much more useful than the useless megumin.
What do her breasts smell like?
Wiz have her own things to do.
Yunyun too autistic to accept the invitation.

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Not even a second season can save Shimakaze when her popularity is sinking like a rock.
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No, but doujins can.
>chinkshit image
Shit thread, delete it mods.
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Kaga fast.jpg
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Kaga is hayai too

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In your heart.
Any minute now.

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Right where she belongs!
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get back in the cage.
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Best girl

Our girl

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just watched shiki
this faggot did everything wrong
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And yet in the end he became a super vampire with all of the strengths and none of the weaknesses and kept his pocket loli while comrade doctor lost evertything.
he even killed based old man
Should have spent less time talking to loli about her being an abomination that deserves to die and more time killing the loli.

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>tfw I deeply regret watching this
>just 15 more episodes to go
>I can do it.

Well, /a/? What series do you regret watching?
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I don't regret anything I watched, since the depression and utter boredom in my life, make even the worst horseshit worth it
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I'm glad you found something to give your life meaning, anon. Please don't leave us.
Sacred Seven. I believed in the series and expected it to get more interesting because some of the designs were cool. Then the designs in the later episodes became shit, too. Still mad I wasted time on that piece of shit.

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ITT: characters who did absolutely nothing wrong
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File: Makishima.jpg (41KB, 640x360px)Image search: [Google]
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JS are too cute.
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Crazy good at basketball too.
Careful. The JC thread just got 404'd.

Mods haet loli.

Besides, JCs are best anyway!
That was (I hope) because it got hijacked by 3DPD talk.

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>this will never be animated by Gainax and Production I.G
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>tfw you will never see giant Samidare fucking the giant hammer up
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swordfish desu.jpg
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Blues Drive Monster won't be playing in the background
Air Resistor won't be playing when Yuuhi's open palm stretches out toward Samidare's fist.

I remember when the powerball in murrica was like 700k. I threw my hat into the ring on the off chance that I might win. I would have funded the fuck out of respective Biscuit Hammer and Spirit Circle series.

>Space Brothers 291 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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If your team is alive or whatever, can you rip Ajin #47 from Comixology? As far as I know, that's the only place that has it, and nobody has spread the scanlation - even though it was released almost a month ago.
What a coincidence. I just caught up to the manga an hour ago.

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Which one do you like the most?
Left for me.
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This one.
Either flat or super big. Anything inbetween sucks

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Dumping Saki 171 raw.
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Shiratodai Mahjong Club
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Teru trapped with food like a wild animal.
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New Chapter
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>Ayumi still harmed to some degree
Sera is an overrated smelly boy.
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Like clockwork

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Gokukoku no Brynhildr - 05 -4.jpg
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itt: girls too good for /a/ to know about or remember
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I want to ejaculate onto her face.
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Worst Brynhildr.

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