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Keijo thread. Anyone still reading this riveting plot?
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>Kogatana isn't a pure waifu

She really should commit sekketsu
Looks like as soon as the anime ended everyone stopped caring
I dunno, anon. >3000 followers and a 4+ rating doesn't seem that bad at all. people do seem to care, it's just they they don't feel like discussing it, probably because there's not much to discuss.

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This is Machi.
She's living together with a brown bear.
Say something nice about her.
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She has a nice body, for a middle schooler.
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I like Machi. Too bad she was in a mediocre show.
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Worst MC of the decade
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Pic unrelated?
She's nothing all that special, a classic underdog MC, but she ain't the worst
Re:Zero was just last year though.

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>I don't know how

Japan please
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>a highschooler being that pure
In what dimension is that?
The Japanese one

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what means Schneeballw√ľrger in german /a/?
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Snowball choker or sum shiet like that
is this a bird??
That's exactly what it means.

t. German

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Thoughts on pic related?
Will the live action be complete shit?
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I really hope it isn't shit.

I'm not going in with expectations of it being good though.

GITS was showing in my cinema a couple weeks ago so I can say I'm already satisfied for now.
Looks like they changed her name to Mira
The movie looks like it's going to be Dragonball: Evolution tier.

In the last manga you have read / anime you have watch, the main protagonist STARTS with the powerlevel (but not the knowledge) he gets in the END of the story.

What happens ?

> exemple: HunterxHunter: Gon does so well at the prohunter exam, Irumi kills him instantly because Gon's too dangerous to be Kirua's friend.
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> Bleach

Soul society completly panics when sensing the monstruous reiatsu Ichigo is showing out of nowhere and send all captains and divisions to kill him. Powerful but unprepared, Ichigo dies.
> Naruto

Naruto is immediatly seen as a frigging monster by everyone and blame everything on the fox inside him. Naruto crush mercilessly every puny attempt of Orochimaru or other various weaklings to do anything... until the end plot begins and Naruto is alone against the goddess since Sasuke never felt the need to become stronger. Naruto alone fails and die.
>implying I watched a battle series

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Will any shonen arc ever top Chimera Ant arc?
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Most overrated arc ever
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Sorry, but it was surpassed before it was even conceived.
Not even the best arc in the manga. Yorkshin is better.

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>jumpstart chapters done
>people still aren't translating the next big shounen
Explain this.
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Why do you like it?
Fun bad guys, good set up chapters, possibility of interesting powers.
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Is it gay if i wanna fugg Schrödinger
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Yes. No.
It both is and isn't until you fuck it.
nigga u gay

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Name a worse character.
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your mom
That angsty red haired cunt Rayet. I almost dropped the show after I was denied her suicide. Fucking hell what an absolute faggot.

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PV is out.
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>Re:Zero and Jojo
>Now this

Is Mamiko Noto finally back?
I've seen first 6 episodes of the first season
Is this going to be episodic all the way through?

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After years of being garbage, Noitamina is back at last.
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Holy shit hype

Wasn't noitaminA supposed to be original works though?
holy shit so many announcements right now
I am overloaded

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she will return in R3
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Got nothing to do, might as well dump the chapter.
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