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Would Naruto have been better if it was about cute ninja girls doing cute things?
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I don't know
Could you repeat the question?

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>Yuri on Ice
>it's Yaoi on a hot spring
More like yaoi on ice
The mc's name is Yuri

Are visuals the most important thing in anime?
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Not to me. I'm blind.
They are pretty important. I rarely keep up with anime that aren't visually pleasing.
Being good and interesting is the most important thing in anime. How you achieve that isn't as important.

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I'm the epitome of public enemy
karen is cute and also my wife
Realistically speaking, how well liked would Karen be in Japan if she were real?

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What did they mean by that?
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Shinji's thighs are lewd and thicc, I'd like to rub my cheeks against their softness and listen to his cute moans
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Those fucking thighs holy shit.
That other guy has shit taste unlike my boy Kensuke

Will we ever see her again?
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>more Hibike trash
Hopefully not
Second season was the end
>more of this masterpiece

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Am I kawaii, uguu
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I agree.
I'd take original/different duck face over generic moe blob 10 times out of 10.

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Never ever.
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Getsurin Ni Kiri Saku would be a perfect 12-13 episodes anime action
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Spoilers out

Kiyoshi appears to be in some sort of situation.
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post link
The more I read this, the more I grow to dislike it. It started really good but right now it boils down to "Misconceptions - the Manga: Namek"

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>lawful good
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that's Goetia.

Salomon is Lawful Good.
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the face terrifies me
>look mom, I posted Grand Order again!
Kill yourself.

Happy birthday sweetie~
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Thread theme:

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Epic meme. Did you know you have to be 18 to use 4chan?

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This croissant is out of control.
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She's a mischievous little monkey.
smug croissant a best
croissant best girl

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How can one girl carry an entire show all by herself?
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I think you mean ruin.
Hot, cute and fun, what else do you need?
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Satania a best. A BEST.

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This is a heroic spirit
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>Lobo was an American wolf who lived in the Currumpaw valley[1] in New Mexico. During the 1890s, Lobo and his pack, having been deprived of their natural prey by settlers, turned to the settlers' livestock. The ranchers[2] tried to kill Lobo and his pack by poisoning carcasses, but the wolves removed the poisoned pieces and threw them aside. They tried to kill the wolves with traps and by hunting parties but these efforts also failed. Ernest Thompson Seton was tempted by the challenge and the $1000 bounty for Lobo's head, the leader of the pack. Seton tried poisoning five baits, carefully covering traces of human scent, and setting them out in Lobo's territory. The following day all the baits were gone, and Seton assumed Lobo would be dead. Later, however, he found the five baits all in a pile covered by dirt and stones to show his disgust at Seton, for which Lobo was responsible.

>Seton bought new, specialized traps and carefully concealed them in Lobo's territory, but he later found Lobo's tracks leading from trap to trap, exposing each. When an effort, that was initially supposed to take two weeks, stretched into 4 months of failed attempts to capture Lobo, Seton became tired and frustrated. While camping out above the creek where snow geese and cranes were wintering, he found Lobo's track strangely following a set of smaller tracks. Quickly he realized Lobo's weakness: his mate, a white wolf nicknamed Blanca.
>Seton then set out several traps in a narrow passage thinking Blanca would fall for Seton's planted baits that Lobo had thus far managed to avoid. Finally Seton succeeded; Blanca, while trying to investigate Seton's planted cattle head, became trapped. When Seton found her, she was whining with Lobo by her side. Lobo ran to a safe distance and watched as Seton and his men kill Blanca by shooting her and tying her to their horses. Seton heard the howls of Lobo for two days days afterward. Lobo's calls were described by Seton as having "an unmistakable note of sorrow in it... It was no longer the loud, defiant howl, but a long, plaintive wail." Although Seton felt remorse for the grieving wolf, he continued his plan to capture Lobo.[5]

>Despite the danger, Lobo followed Blanca's scent to Seton's ranch house where they had taken the body. Seton then set more traps, using Blanca's body to scent them. During this whole story, Lobo hasn't revealed himself to Seton. On January 31, 1894, Lobo was caught, with each of his four legs clutched in a trap. On Seton's approach, Lobo stood despite his injuries, and howled. Touched by Lobo's bravery and loyalty to his mate, Seton could not kill him. He and his men roped Lobo, muzzled him and secured him to a horse, taking him back to the ranch. Lobo refused to eat or even look at his captors. They secured him with a chain and he just gazed across his fallen kingdom. Lobo died that night, 4 hours later, due to a broken heart.[6]

Actual true story; his pelt can be found in a certain museum

Also he's ridden by the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow

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ITT: Characters that are literally you.

Pic related, it is Hachiman Hikigaya. Much like myself he is intelligent, nihilistic and has a wicked sense of humour.
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She's just like me.Intelligent,nihilistic and have a wicked sense of humour.
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Yui will win the Hikki bowl.

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