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What's wrong with these gloves again?
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What's wrong with her nose?
What's wrong with it is 2 YEARS OF
There's something I don't understand. Is it ever explained in any of the side stories or material editions what caused Asuna and Kirito's relationship to deteriorate between the early floors and the murder case incident? By the end of vol 4 of Progressive Asuna seems to have become quite close to Kirito, which is completely different from her attitude towards him before the murder incident SS. I know it feels like Reki is just retconning stuff, but at one point in Progressive Kirito did at least say that their partnership would last until Asuna could take care of herself after which they'd go back to being solo players, but by the 26th Floor, it seems Asuna had already joined KBO. So is it ever explained if anything happened to make their relationship so antagonistic and for Asuna to have so little concern for NPCs despite her attachment to Kizmel?

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What the fuck did I just watch, /a/?
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Jurassic Park meets Wixoss
A pretty entertaining show that went in too deep on the latter half.
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Anyone else watching Konosuba changed their vote for best girl?
I used to be all about Megumin, but now I have to say RARA TINA DAHKUNESU is best.
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>After Chunchunmaru and Excalibur
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Unsexy compared to Megumin.

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Name a better sports manga
Protip: you can't
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Well that was easy.
Ashita no Joe.

that was easy.
Masanori Morita is a god.

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Shinka is angry
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No I'm not
Yes I am
Why /a/ likes this methed out whore is beyond me.

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Why's Tomo such a buttface?
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Lack of an adderall prescription.
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Here we go again!
Fucking tomosexuals.

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>open your luggage.
>see this.
What do?
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Offer help, pretend not to notice the ears.
I try to figure out why a hikkineet would have luggage.
Once she's over the first shock, try asking her about her situation in the worst Japanese spoken in geological history.

Why don't we settle this Eva Girl debate


I put the girls in alphabetical order, and I am currently regretting not giving Gendo an option

Also Shinji may also be best waifu but he isn't a girl
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>people actually voting for the alcoholic
>Misato winning

I always knew /a/ had good taste
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eva best girls.jpg
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Why do nips love this meme so much? Is it because of pic related? Or are they really that corny about friendships and such?
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Because it's alien to them, about friendship
They're tsun about intimacy and displays of affection, so this is them making baby steps.
Its part of shounen jump's motto.

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Is this the ugliest, most disgusting, punchable and sexually unappealing girl ever?
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Only to a faggot like you.
Why does sex appeal have to be part of what she offers?
Jesus christ, you pig.
>silver hair
>violet eyes
>twin tails

Looks cute to me.

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Time for actual SYD today. Reminder last week's one was typeset yesterday
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airhead chuuni imouto best imouto
Anything new about the movie? Haven't checked the threads in a while.
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Have imoutits gone too far?

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You're waifu's face when you confess.
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Is this pose possible?
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Why don't you try it, anon?

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Yoshihiro Togashi, author of Yu Yu Hakusho and HxH, passes away at 50: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-02-29/yoshihiro-togashi-passes-away-at-50/.112126

It´s over lads.
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Fucking subhuman nigger, you're not baiting me.
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My heart was beating so fast. You scared the shit outta me.

Why are the extras so great
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The animators were clearly just dicking around when they made them and it fits the tone of the series great.
Why aren't the veggies running away?
They have been subdued

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