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Chapter out on mangaONE app. Dumping raws + translation (and the omake this time, woot). Thanks to screenshot anon for the raws.

>[Thus came New Year’s Eve.]

>Fuaa… I slept pretty well…
>I woke up on my own…

>The alarm clock’s running out of battery…

>I didn’t oversleep, did I…?
>Eh? What time is it, right now…!!?

>You gotta be shitting me!! I’m super late!!!
>Even though I’m the one who always tells Mob to be on time!!!!

>Hey there, Mob!

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>We’re counting on you today!
>Good morning. Let’s give it a go.

>Your master isn’t with you?
>He’s waiting for us in the parking lot of the super market facing the west entrance of the train station, so I told him we’d come when everyone has arrived.

>Is Tome-san coming along?
>No, we haven’t heard a word from her.
>She appears to be busy…

>It’s a shame President Kurata can’t join in,
>But I’m sure she’ll be pleased if we can give her pictures of the UFO we’ll take.

>That’s right.
>We’ll find the UFO for sure.

>Over there is the rendezvous point.
>Looks like we came a little early since there’s fifteen minutes left before the appointed hour.

Telepathy guys

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>She came just like that…
>And earlier than everyone too…

>What is it, President Kurata…
>What about your training camp?
>I ditched it.
>What… Something wrong?

>Why aren’t you answering your phone anymore…
>…Oh, that? My phone broke and I didn’t notice.

>(What’s up with that…)
>Well, I’m glad you’re okay, at least.

>You found him, that telepath you guys were talking about?

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>That guy isn’t there yet.
>Well, it’s not the time we’re supposed to meet yet.

>Let’s wait a little longer.

>The appointed time was 9 AM, right?
>It’s already 9:20, though.

>Maybe something happened…?
>Don’t tell me he cancelled at the last minute…

>Eh? He’s the type to cancel at the last minute?
>What’s up with that!

>If the telepath doesn’t show up then there’s no point!
>What kind of person even stands people up on New Year’s Eve!?


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Would this have been better if it was more in line with the manga?
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It would have been longer, that's for sure.
Would it have? The anime has a lot of random bullshit that isn't in the manga like the pyramid scheme. I think adapting the manga would only need 2 or 3 more episodes if they paced it right
No, the manga is shit

Betch, the pyramid scheme came right from the manga

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>Season 1
hmm pretty cool, like the concept, intense

>Season 2
Garbage that should of never existed

The fuck happen. Im serious context?
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Season 1 was pure garbage
Ei Aoki happened.

Remember the same because he's fucking trash, Slaine got fucked over so hard.
yes op Im still mad too

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/a/ is a good board with Chaika on the front page.
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I don't like thick eyebrows :/
Don't use emoticons on /a/.

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What's the most bullshit anime/manga villian?
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Which Madara Uchiha is this?
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Is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Clear Note? Let alone defeat him. And I’m not talking about Second form clear note with the power of Shin Kuria Seunousu Baadorerugo. I’m not talking about 100% Final form clear note with both Shin Kuria Seunousu Baadorerugo and Shin Kuria Seunousu Zarefedoora's powers absorbed. Hell, I’m not even talking about Shin Kuria Seunousu possessed complete form Clear Note with the Vino supplying unlimited heart power and even then his power being cut in half via the magical protective barrier around him that still managed to beat the Dufort Answer talker trained Gash and Brago with their True final form Bao Zakeruga and Shin Baberuga Gravidon.
The dumbass spider thing from the first digimon movie. The one with Kim Wilde kids in America screaming in the foreground at the end. Although that scene made me nut at the time.

Do you admire authors who pick their own waifus to win regardless of their popularity? Pic related was like #5 out six but won because she was the first girl to have meaningful interaction with the main character, and the author later put her on the fast track to victory.
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Jesus, you are bad at taking screenshots.
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It's definitely a good thing when they don't cave to fan demands.
Only if the character who wins is very likeable and her victory feels justified by the story and character interactions rather than just "first girl wins" rules.

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More Ghost Tits

Imagine Yuuna having black hair
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This isn't going to end well
spooky boobie
>95% compatibility
OTP confirmed.

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What's her name, /a/?
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Kanae Tsuchida
ribbon twintails anime girl?

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Who was your first 2d crush?
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Was and still is.
I remember playing a game on newgrounds where you got to fuck her, but that was years ago.
Xj9 from mlatr

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What are some manga that start strong, slowly go to shit, start to get a lot better, somehow end up worse than before, then end horribly? Pic related.
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what happened?
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Is Boku Girl still going? I think it's been years since I paid attention.

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I've been thinking about this a lot recently.
Why does a big part of anime just seem so... dumb? I can rarely relate to the characters, they're clueless and the story is predictable and safe. Of course there are exceptions, but I feel like that medium isn't very challenging nor groundbreaking? Can anyone relate to this specific feeling?
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Same is true for books, movies and other shit. Sturgeon's law.
There is literally no medium that is on the whole challenging or groundbreaking.
You're not the target demographic, most anime is made for teenagers around 14.

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Why is Lain's hair so fucked up?
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It's actually just a bear hood, not her actual hair.
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Lain is perfect, fuck you.
she cut it herself, see the video game

Anime only you have seen.
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>tfw no second ost
>ywn get a full version of "voice of the goddess"
local arcade use to have this and initial d side by side rip

Is it OK to masturbate to angels?
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Probably not. But who am I to judge?
Only if they masturbate to you first
No, but that won't stop you, will it?

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Did /a/ watch this?
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In the 90's
Everything after Tenchi Universe and the Daughter of Darkness Movie is fucking garbage.
To a point
Universe isn't part of the main canon.
Universe had glorious Wakamoto.

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